10 Adorable Dachshund Puppies To Make Your Heart Melt

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Every single person that has a Dachshund knows that this is a dog that is so much more than what its pedigree says. Dachshunds are basically scent hounds. They were bred in order to hunt tunneling animals. However, from the moment one of them steps into your life, you will fall in love. It is impossible not to, especially when looking at a Dachshund puppy.

When you have a Dachshund, you can be sure that:

  • You will feel loved.
  • You will hear new sounds you never knew existed.
  • You will laugh.
  • You will have someone to play with.
  • You will find yourself laughing uncontrollably as the Dachshund gets himself in trouble.

These dogs are energetic and they are wonderful companions. At the same time, they are adorable.

Dachshund puppies are something entirely different. They will sleep on you, demand your love and make you love them. They always want to make new friends and are really friendly with babies and other animals. In many cases they will inspect your stuffed animals as they try to make new friends.

Below you will find 10 adorable Dachshund puppies that perfectly illustrate just how cute they are. Get ready to say “Awww” and show these little ones to your friends. Who knows? Maybe you will even get one if you did not do so till now.

#1: The Most Adorable Eyes Ever

Cute Dachshund Puppy Tan

Picture this: You wake up in the morning and this cute Dachshund puppy is looking at you, patiently waiting for you to show some love. We all know dogs are better than alarm clocks but there is something truly special about waking up to the puppy above, looking at you with those eyes. Also, take a look at the feet. A perfect overall combination of white and black.

It seems as if this puppy is looking right into your soul. Those black eyes are hard to forget and impossible to let go of. You will surely find it quite difficult to leave for work in the morning when those eyes seem to be asking “Why do you leave me alone?” Dachshunds love their humans and they will never fail to show it. They will be near you whenever they can. You will find them at your computer, near your chair, on your sofa, in your bed.

#2: A Sleeping, Happy Dachshund Puppy

Sleeping Dachshund Puppy

Talking about your bed, take a look at this one. We all know that babies need more sleep and these puppies are no different. When they do not chase you around the room or try to play with anything that they see, they lie down in any position and sleep.

It is quite common to find your Dachshund puppy falling asleep in your arms but you will often see that he sits close to you, yawns a few times, struggles to stay awake and then falls in really weird positions. While this one is not sleeping in an unnatural body-contorting state, you just have to admire him. Sleeping puppies are always adorable but Dachshunds seem to take it to a whole new level. Make sure he has a comfortable place to sit and sleep, preferable as close as possible to where you spend your time. They do love you.

#3: A Sleeping, Happy Dachshund Puppy

Black Dachshund Puppy

What happens when the Dachshund puppy wakes up? If you are not around, he will look grumpy, just like this little adorable one. Dachshunds that recently woke up and feel safe will take their time, just like you in the morning. They will not do their hair but they will look around and slowly move from one place to the next until they find something to do.

The adorable Dachshund above may seem a little angry but you better believe that he loves sitting on the table. There is no corner of the room that is not his kingdom if you allow it. If he could, you would see him as nimble as a cat, right on your computer monitor or on the fridge. It might also be the case that this little Dachshund does not really like pictures or is a little annoyed. Even so, he is still pretty and he knows it.

#4: Brotherly, Dachshund Puppy Love

Dachshund Puppy Twins

What’s better than one Dachshund puppy? Two Dachshund puppies! What’s better than two Dachshund puppies? Three Dachshund puppies!

You get the idea.

These two little brothers are sleepy, adorable, cannot keep their eyes open as they still want to play and have those noses that make even the wildest man in the world say that “Awww” we talked about. It is hard to say where they are but it seems like they like sleeping on their back while being tucked in. You may want to do the same for your Dachshund. Maybe it is a thing and these dogs love it.

We have to wonder what they think about. Will the left one suddenly open his eyes and start playing with the other one? Maybe they just purr like kittens. Nothing is impossible with Dachshund puppies, according to hundreds of thousands of owners from all around the world. We challenge you to find one that does not love his/her Dachshund puppy.

#5: It’s Impossible Not To Pet Them

Three Dachshund Puppies


These little ones seem a little sad and we hope that they are ok. It looks like they miss their mother and we cannot actually understand what they feel, which is unfortunate. However, we do know that they love being pet and love being around humans. Wishful thinking dictates that maybe they are just too small or simply sleepy. Let’s believe that since it would be a shame to see Dachshund puppies upset.

There are not many that own 3 Dachshund puppies but the truth with these little ones above is that they should stay together. Just look at them. They seem to be one family, one that can quickly become a part of your family. What’s better than one best friend? You got it: THREE! Every single one will be your best friend. If one sleeps or is too busy being adorable in the corner of the room, another one will step up, jump on your lap and patiently listen to what you have to say.

#6: Feeding Time – Nap Time – Love Time 

Dachshund Family

At this rate we will soon end up with a picture that has a hundred Dachshund puppies in it. We will try to stop from doing that but we have to show the picture above because it is definitely adorable. These cute puppies feeding and their mother patiently waiting for every single one to finish is one of the most beautiful things you will see when you love dogs.

You can see 2 puppies sleeping. They are the ones that most likely already ate. Two are eating and they will most likely not stop until they will end up like the other two. We also see the puppy that is usually lazier and that has to wait his turn. Maybe he is waiting for a moment when his brothers are not looking so he can move in. No matter the case, we have to also look at the mother. That is pure love for her puppies that you see in those eyes.

#7: Feeding Time – Nap Time – Love Time 

Black Dachshund Pups

It is said that Dachshunds will try to blend in, no matter where they are or what colors surround them. These two look like at a nature photoshoot. They take full advantage of that characteristic stare that they have. It only goes to show you that you want to have your camera with you or at least a good smartphone when the puppies are around. You never know when you will catch them showing you how adorable they are. These moments are not rare.

Dachshunds love the outdoors. They love running, even if sometimes they do have problems because of their short legs. That never stops them though. When they smell fresh grass and flowers, they will want to run around. If it is spring and you do not take your Dachshund puppies for a walk, you miss out on something great. You will feel their energy as they inspect the surroundings and smell anything they find.

#8: The Largest Kiss This Puppy Can Give You

Dachshund Kisses

We already said that these puppies love playing and this picture perfectly shows you what we mean. Although they are so small that they fit right in the palm of your hand, you can find them wanting to play even when they cannot really move. While the one on the right does not really seem like he wants the attention of the brother, be sure that this is just a trick. He is just waiting for the moment when he can return the favor for this photo.

Small Dachshund puppies will definitely make it hard for you to give them away to someone else. It is always a good idea to have two Dachshunds anyway because they do feel bad when they are alone. You want them to have something to do and feel that they are not alone. Dog breeders recommend that you always take two, especially when they are puppies and you are not at home for many hours during the day as you have to go to work.

#9: The Lady And The Tramp

Dachshund Lady And The Tramp

Love is always in the air with Dachshund puppies. One seems a little older than the other but this is totally irrelevant with them. They do love kissing, licking, hugging and playing. We said that you can find them sitting in any part of the room. This seems to include any picnic basket that you leave unattended.

When you are away from the room, maybe making a sandwich or on the phone, the puppies will be bored. When you come back, you may want to have your camera with you. Get ready for unconditioned attention. If you are not around, that attention still needs to be shown. Is there another puppy around? He will get a kiss and the moment will be just as adorable as in this picture. This image reminds us a little of that spaghetti kiss moment from “Lady And The Tramp”. Maybe the puppies saw the movie and think they are actors now.

#10: He’s So Small, But That Stare…

Black Dachshund Pup

Last but not least, although the image is a little deformed, we had to share this little Dachshund puppy as it perfectly recreates the feeling that you will get when you first hold a puppy and how he will feel. He will look at you, will say thanks and he will be as small as your hands.

Besides that heart-melting Dachshund puppy stare, take a look at the paws. With those little claws and him being completely relaxed, all you want to do is play with them. It is a shame that we cannot see his belly. They usually love to be scratched there and behind the ears.

Keep in mind that because they are sometimes quite long and with small legs, they need to be handled properly. Always use two hands, even when you take a picture of your adorable Dachshund puppy. You do love him so be sure that you show it by taking good care of your best friend.

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