10 Awesome Pomeranian Hair Cut Ideas

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Pomeranians have the normal Spitz breed fur coat. This means that they actually have two coats. Since the tiny Pomeranian is a descendant of larger cold-weather dogs, their coats have two layers when they grow into adulthood. The first layer, in adult Pomeranian’s, is a filled with short dense hairs that are there to keep your cut Pomeranian warm. The second layer is called the guard coat that is made up of long guard hairs to shed moisture from snow. This double coat of fur is what makes the Pomeranian so fluffy and it is this which gives you so many options when it comes time to groom your furbaby.

From the simplicity of the single shave to the visually striking Mohawk; your Pomeranian’s fur allows you plenty of options for traditional cuts and the not so tradition. We take at look the 10 most interesting and awesome cuts we could find.

Many of these grooming styles are incredibly cute, but remember the purpose of your Pomeranian’s coat. It’s supposed to protect their skin and as a result, many of them have delicate and sensitive skin that shouldn’t be exposed to the elements.

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Lion Cut

pomeranian hair cut

The whole point of the Lion Cut is to make your furbaby look just like your own tiny little lion. But, did you know, that the Lion Cut is actually a grooming hair style that was traditionally only practiced on cats? It is only recently that the Lion Cut as crossed into our canine groomers repertoire and as such your groomer may, or may not, have a lot experience in giving your Pomeranian a Lion Cut. You should make sure to consult with your groomer before you have this cut done, just to make sure that they have the experience to pull this cut off well.

Depending on your Pomeranian, and you own personal preferences, the lion cut can be altered in many ways. In fact, a lot of the other cuts on our list are just simply various takes on the Lion Cut.

In the Lion cut the fur is shaved very close to the skin on the body, belly and back your Pomeranian, all the way down the tail and the bottom of their hind legs. The fur across the front legs, chest, head, and neck are all left long in order to recreate the iconic Lion profile on your Pomeranian. The tip of your Pomeranian’s tail can be left to give it a fun little-tufted flag for them to wave around in their trademarked excitement, an

There are some concerns with Lion cut though and you should make sure to consult with your groomer, or your vet, as necessarily. Pomeranians can have very pale and delicate skin beneath their double coat. In fact, their double coat works purposefully to keep your Pomeranian’s skin from ever experiencing the elements. The Lion cut exposes this skin to the elements and as such you have to be careful about sunburn in the summer months and frostbite in the winter months. Because of your Pomeranian’s skin sensitivity you may find the Lion Cut exposes them to chemicals or elements that cause them to have a skin rash or an allergic reaction.

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Kennel Cut

pomeranian hair cut

The Kennel cut is like a “buzz cut” for Pomeranians whose owner just doesn’t want to spend a lot of time grooming. This makes the coats easy to manage and require a lot less maintenance in the off-season of professional show dogs. There is no specified length for this cut, it all depends on your personal preferences for your Pomeranian.

The Kennel Cut can help keep your show dog in a manageable condition when they are in between show seasons. This can make your life as a Pomeranian dog owner easier. If you want to try the kennel cut out, start long at first because you can always go shorter if the hair is still too much for your take care of yourself.

Show Cut

pomeranian hair cut

The Show Cut is the cut that you see on all the professional show dogs. This is the breed standard cut that is tailored specifically to your dogs dimensions in order to meet the standards as dictated by the American Pomeranian Club and its members. This Show cut is designed to make your Pomeranian look as much as possible to the breed standard as they can.

This cut is one of the few which will take the longest and it can be the longest grooming time your Pomeranian will spend at the groomers chair (which why there is the Kennel Cut to maintain the shape between showings). The cut involves a lot of little trims all over their coat, including undercutting in order to thin out sections.

The idea of the Show Cut is to create the illusion of a thick body on your Pomeranian, with careful trimming around the paws to create that illusion of small dainty little feet trotting when your Pomeranian is walking. Their ears are trimmed with scissors which are called “thinners” in order to create a fuzzy teddy bear look to them. The point is to have the ears and the feet “peeking” out of the full bodied triangle of fur that surrounds your Pomeranian’s body.

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The Show Cut is a grooming style which you only want to get from professional groomers who are experienced in Show Cut standards. Because of the work needed and the amount of time the Show Cut may not be suitable for your Pomeranian if they don’t have patience for grooming. The groomer will charge you a hefty price for those cut, so it is not for everyone. If you really want to get the Show Cut it is best to do some research with your local Pomeranian breeders in order to find the best groomer that is local to you.

Teddy Bear Cut

pomeranian hair cut

The purpose of the Teddy Bear Cut is to make your little Pomerania look just like a Teddy Bear with a rounded face and ears. This cut is highly adaptable to the weather and the climate so you can have your Pomeranian’s fur cut as long or short as you need it in order for your Pomeranian to be comfortable in the elements.

This cut emphasizes a more circle and bubble appears for your Pomeranian’s head, body, and paws. Just as we see in traditional Teddy bears, the purpose is to give the illusion that you don’t own a Pomeranian but instead a living Teddy Bear.

Lamb Cut

pomeranian hair cut

The Lamb Cut has becomes increasingly popular with owners of Pomeranians because by now we have all seen the more traditional Show and Kennel Cut, along with the Teddy Bear and Lion. The Lamb Cut aims to follow the natural lines of your Pomeranians angles more by defining the point of their ears and muzzles with clear cut but soft fleecy lines. The Lamb Cut is supposed to, like its name implies, give your Pomeranian the look of lambs with their soft and plush fleece coats.

While not as popular as all the previously mentioned cuts, the Lamb cut is, comparatively, a simpler cut for your groomers to handle. We don’t think you would need to do much more than to take this picture into your groomer and ask them to recreate it; if they don’t already know what the lamb cut is.

Puppy Cut

pomeranian hair cut

Just like the Teddy Bear and the Lamb Cut, the Puppy Cut is far from the Traditional grooming that your Pomeranian may be used to. As you can see in the picture, the cut is quite different and completely breaks up the traditional lines of the Pomeranian almost making it look like an entirely different breed of dog.

When your Pomeranian gets the Puppy Cut, the hair will be cut shorter than the breed standard and from the neck down it will be a uniform length. The head is cut in such a fashion so that, ideally, the ears of your Pomeranian completely disappears except for small little points at the top.

The Puppy Cut is exceedingly popular especially in social media, for the almost cartoonish level of cute that it gives your Pomeranian. Because of that popularity, your groomer should have no problem knowing exactly what you want when it’s time to take your Pomeranian in.

Bichon Head

pomeranian hair cut

The Bichon Head is based on the Bichon Frise Show Cut, but just on the head. Pomeranians, in general, lack the thickness of the Bichon Frise so they can’t quite pull off a full Bichon Frise cut.

It is similar to the Puppy cut and the above picture doesn’t quite do the Bichon Head justice, but this is what a typical Bichon Frise head looks like:

pomeranian hair cut

As you can see the Bichon Frize looks sorta like a child’s toy made out of cotton and the Bichon Head aims to recreate this appearance on the head of your Pomeranian. The fur is trimmed in either a perfect circle or square, depending on how well your Pomeranian’s fur can hold shape while the rest of the of the body is shaved down to a uniform length all over. This thickness of the rest of the bodies fur is up to you, you may want to try to capture the Bichon Frise look but you may have trouble convincing your groomer that they can do it.

Because of the density of the Bichon Frize hair, their breed Show Cut relies heavily on that thick hair to keep its hard thick lines. While the Pomeranian does have thick hair, it is a double coat unlike the Bichon’s single, so that makes it harder for Pomeranian’s to get this appearance.


pomeranian hair cut

Of course, no list for Pomeranian hairs cuts would be complete with something truly unique. The Mohawk is a style that hasn’t picked up in popularity but it does have a certain pizzazz to it. After all, the Pomeranian is an energetic and happy little ball of spunk. If they were humans, they might just give themselves a mohawk. The Mohawk, as we’ve said, isn’t something that is very popular but we think that is mostly because it hasn’t been seen by enough people to show them that it is an option when it comes to grooming their Pomeranians.

You are going to have to take a picture with you to your groomer if you want to give this cut a try and you don’t want your groomer to look at like you’re suddenly speaking a foreign language. There is no way we can predict how expensive or how long it will take your groomer to complete this look because it wasn’t even a menu of styles for the professional groomers we researched. Just take this picture in and see what your groomer says.


pomeranian hair cut

Shaving is a simple no frills cut that can be as short or long as you want it. The point of the shave is just to keep the hair short with no attention paid to styling or shape like the Kennel Cut or the cuts we’ve mentioned before. Shaving is the ideal, though controversial, choice for Pomeranian owners who just don’t have the time or money to properly groom their Pomeranian’s as much as they’re needed.

Shaving has one drawback that we spoke of at the start of this article. Pomeranians are descendants of cold weather snow dogs; their skin is not strong enough to handle exposure to even common everyday elements because of their Spitz coats. Their skin depends on their thick double coat for all of its protection. As a consequence, if you shave your Pomeranian down too close to the skin you risk a lot of skin illnesses: sunburn, frostbite, allergies, and rashes (fungal, bacterial and viral). When you just need to have your Pomeranian groomed, and you’ve chosen the Shave, make sure that enough of their fur is left to protect their delicate skin from the elements. Otherwise, the time and money you save on grooming will be spent at the vets.

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