11 Outdoor Dog Beds to Choose From

11 Outdoor Dog Beds To Choose From

Your dog is your buddy, your best friend, and a member of your family. Doesn’t your best friend deserve the best and most comfortable bed that you can find for him or her?

Beyond wanting to pamper your best friend, the bed that they are sleeping on can make a huge difference for their overall health.

Selecting the bed itself can be just as tough as finding any additional cushions, mats or other add-ons that you wish to purchase to make the bed comfortable for your pet’s unique needs.

Choosing the right bed for your dog can be a bit daunting but we can help!

We’ve narrowed down the options to our top 11 outdoor dog beds.

11 Out Door Dog Beds

SUPERJARE Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed

This bed makes the list because it is both practical and luxurious. It is specifically designed for the out of doors and can be used for camping or travel.

The bed is sizeable at 48” x 36” W and 43.2” H, so it can fit almost any size pet. The frame is sturdy and made of steel and can hold up to 120 lbs. The fabric of the bed is waterproof and practical. The bed folds down quickly and easily, making it no big deal to assemble or break down for travel.

The best part of all is that the bed comes with a canopy that will provide shade and some shelter from wind and rain. Next time you take your dog camping or traveling, this bed will make it possible to keep them comfortable in any type of weather.

This is a great bed for all sizes of pet and is suitable for both cold and hot weather. It’s a great fit for outdoor use.

The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed

Is your doggy companion aging or dealing with bad joints or arthritis?

Do you have a large dog who is struggling to get up and down and is uncomfortable laying on the floor or the hard ground?

This bed is the perfect solution for your friend who needs a little extra help getting comfortable.

The bed is made with an orthopedic foam mattress and it has a comfy bumper surrounding three-quarters of the edges of the bed to help bigger dogs get more comfortable.

The high-quality cover is washable as well, which is great for a bed that is intended to be used outside.

The cover of the bed you select can make a huge difference and a good outdoor bed will be both practical and comfortable like this one.

If you want to read up more about the best covers for dog beds, check out our article about how to pick the right bed cover.

Your older dog companion deserves the opportunity to be outside and still be comfortable. This bed is the perfect outdoor dog bed for older dogs or dogs who need a little extra comfort when they are going to be sleeping outside.

K&H Pet Products Original Bolster Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed

This high-quality bed combines the benefits of a cot style arrangement to get your dog up off the ground and away from heat or moisture, with the softness and luxury of a bolster bed.

It comes in lots of different sizes and is bacteria, mold and mildew resistant as well as being waterproof.

The bolsters on the bed add plush comfort to the sides of the bed while the cot portion of the bed is durable and practical.

It is the perfect blend of function and comfort for your doggy companion.

Cot style dog beds are always a great option for owners who desire to have a high-quality dog bed for their friend and also do not want to mess with difficult cleanup or maintenance.

This bed will make everyone in the family happy.

The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

This bed is simple, affordable and can be accessorized in any way to meet the needs of each pet.

The design is very basic, and is intended only to get your dog up off the ground to be cooler in the summer and dry in the winter.  Other doggy comfort items can be added to this practical cot design by the owner, which makes it a versatile and pragmatic choice.

Mats, pads or blankets can be added to turn this bed into a winter haven when the summer has come to a close. It is waterproof, durable and comes in many colors and sizes.

It is designed to prevent the creation of pressure points when your pet is laying on it and the fabric is mold, mildew, mite and flea resistant. This is a great practical, easy to care for choice.

If you have an outdoor arrangement for your dog which requires durability and infinite practicality, this bed is the perfect marriage of both.

PETMAKER 1 Count Waterproof Memory Foam Pet Bed Variety

This bed offers a wonderful blend of comfort and practicality. It is 100% waterproof and has a no-skid bottom.

The bed can be taken on a trip and will not stain, tear or get soaked through. It also has a waterproof liner that prevents moisture from ruining the inside of the bed. The memory foam insert is designed for maximum cushion, making it a great choice for puppies as well as aging dogs who need a bit more padding between them and the ground.

An added perk to this bed is that it is not made with a frame, so it is easy to load, unload and to fit anywhere it needs to go.

It comes in lots of sizes as well, making it easy to select the prefect size bed for your dog.

If you are on the go and want your pet to have luxurious comfort available to them no matter where you happen to be, this bed is worth every penny.

K&h Cool Bed III

Do you live somewhere it is hot for most of the year?

Do you want to have your dogs outside but they are not able to sleep on the bed you have provided because they become too hot to be comfortable?

This bed will solve those problems for you.

Clever heat transfer technology wicks heat away and releases it into the air.

The center core can be saturated with water, allowing the mat to create a cool and refreshing surface for your pet.

On average, the Cool Bed will stay 22 degrees cooler than your pet’s body temperature!

The other great feature of this bed is that the cooling center will only need to be filled with water once.

It is strong enough for use outside but can also be brought indoors in the heat of the day for ongoing comfort for you and your furry friend.

If you live somewhere that tends to be hot or humid or if you experience extreme heat conditions for part of the year, this bed is the perfect solution to keep your dog cool and safe from heatstroke.

Even if you are going to travel briefly to somewhere that is going to be hot, this bed is a necessity to help your dog stay cool and healthy during the trip.  

Lightspeed Outdoors Self-Inflating Fleece-Top Travel Dog Bed

This clever travel bed rolls up when it is not needed.

It has a soft inner foam mattress that inflates itself when a nozzle is twisted and owners can increase of decrease the amount of air to make the bed just the right amount soft or firm for their furry companion.

The cover is washable and is puncture and water-resistant.

Clever buckle straps allow the bed to be rolled up when not in use.

Lightweight and big enough for most breeds of dog, this practical outdoor bed option is mobile as well as being comfortable and durable.

If you are looking for a comfortable dog bed that will roll up to the size of a yoga mat, this dog bed is for you!  Sometimes it just isn’t practical to carry around a cumbersome dog bed and this bed solves all your problems if space is at a premium.

Internet’s Best Dog Cot – Elevated Pet Bed – Mesh – Variety of Sizes & Colors

Cot-style beds will always be some of the most practical beds for outdoor use.

This great bed can be used in both hot and cold weather and will keep your dog off the ground for maximum comfort during any season.

It comes with a high-quality steel frame and the cover can be washed with a hose or cleaned with some soap and washcloth.

The center of the cover features mesh that allows air to circulate, a great feature for long-haired breeds or large breeds who can get hot too easily. The cot holds up to 100 lbs and has no-skid feet.

This is a great bed for any breed and can be a good fit for a multi-dog family as well.

If you travel with your best friend and you want a quick clean up at the beach or a campsite, this bed is the perfect fit for your needs.

What is better than being freed from the task of cleaning up after a dirty wet dog and then also having to clean up a dirty wet dog bed?

Brindle Waterproof Designer Memory Foam Pet Bed

This bed is not only practical, but it is also pretty to look at. The cover is 100% waterproof, protecting the 4-inch thick luxurious memory foam pad from a wet dog or wet weather.

This is another bed that is great for aging dogs who are dealing with sore joints and dogs who may have to struggle to get up and down. The bed is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and even has a three-year warranty.

This is a great bed if you are looking for something that is going to provide comfort for your dog but also is pleasing to the eye.

If you want a bed that will look nice enough to be indoors but is practical enough for outdoor use, this is the perfect outdoor dog bed for you!

Kuranda Chewproof Bed

Does your dog chew up everything?

Have you gotten tired of buying beds only to find them destroyed the next day? Do you feel that you can’t buy them a bed because they will only destroy it?

Thankfully, this well-designed bed solves that problem. The bed comes with patented chew-proof technology built into every part of it.  It can support up to 250 pounds and is very easy to clean.

It is made of heavy-duty solid vinyl that is very durable and is waterproof.

The cot styling of this bed keeps your dog up off the ground and is designed to be just as comfortable as other cot-style beds, despite being designed to hold up to even the most aggressive chewer. The bed has a one-year warranty and it promises that your dog will not be able to destroy it.

Dog owners with destructive doggy companions will be pleased to have finally found the one bed that is built to hold up to their needs.

If you have a dog that chews everything, this bed will make it possible for your dog to finally get a good rest on a high-quality dog bed.

KOPEKS Orthopedic Dog Bed with 7-inch Memory Foam

If your outdoor dog bed is kept in an area with some shelter, this luxurious memory foam bed might be the perfect fit for you.

It does come with a waterproof liner and is made of practical, yet luxurious fabric.

Another good fit for extra large dogs, or those pets that are suffering from arthritis and other conditions, this bed is the absolute peak of luxury.

The foam pad itself is topped with a second layer of pillow topping for added softness. The well-made cover zips off so it can be washed.

This bed is a great mix of maximum comfort and clever waterproofing and durability. Even the largest dogs will be comfortable and secure sleeping on this high-quality bed.

If you are tired of buying plush dog beds that can’t be washed and therefore also can’t be used outside, this dog bed is the perfect blend of durability, practicality and functionality.

Do You Need an Outdoor Dog Bed at all?

While you are shopping, you might be thinking to yourself that you are not finding the exact right dog bed for your needs or that you really are not sure if you will use the bed enough to justify the purchase.

This is an important point to consider when you are shopping for a dog bed.

There are plenty of studies that show that you and your furry friend both get health benefits from sharing a bed rather than being separated every night.

If you want to read more about having your dog share your bed at night, this article will cover all the bases.


Choosing the right dog bed is an important part of caring for your dog.

They are a member of the family and they deserve to be just as comfortable in your home as you are.

Thankfully, there are lots of different styles available to choose from and dog owners can buy any combination of features to suit the needs of their household and their pet.

If your dog isn’t comfortable and happy, you can’t be comfortable and happy either. Selecting the correct dog bed for your needs can make a huge difference to the health and well-being of your dog as well as eliminate hassles related to cleaning up after your furry friend if you travel or go camping with your pet.

At the end of the day, even if the bed you fall in love with costs a little more than you were expecting, the improvement in the happiness and healthiness of your doggy companion will be well worth the investment.

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