11 Step In Dog Harnesses to Consider for Your Canine Companion

11 Step in Dog Harnesses To Consider For Your Canine Companion

While many dog owners walk their dogs using only a leash and a collar, many dog owners do not know that a harness can provide them with better control over their dog.

Other added benefits to a harness include no risk of choking or damage to your dog’s windpipe. A harness can also prevent your dog from getting tangled in their leash and can help when dealing with a dog that is aggressive toward other animals.

Harnesses are often the best fit for large dogs who are at risk for pulling against their collar very hard but they can also be of great help to those leading small dogs.

Picking a good harness can be a daunting task as there are so many products on the market, all touting their own benefits.

To make things even more complicated, many harnesses are made in variable sizes but certain styles are better for larger dogs while others are better for smaller dogs.

Many dog owners complain about buying a harness with great reviews only to find out that it was really designed with a smaller or larger dog in mind.

How to know which harness to pick for your dog?

If you feel like tearing your hair out, you are likely not alone.

You are in luck, however, because we have made a list to help you buy the best step in dog harness for your dog.

We will give you detailed descriptions of each harness to help you decide which is the best harness for you and your pet.

11 Best Step In Dog Harnesses

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

This high-quality harness fits all sizes of dog and comes in many colors. It stops dogs from pulling and from choking and has attached rings for proper leash attachment to maximize effectiveness.

It comes with a front ring to prevent pulling and a back ring for casual control. The harness is easy to attach because it is made with 2 fast-release buckles. The straps are adjustable so that you can adjust the harness to fit your dog perfectly.

An added feature that is of great use is the back handle that can be used in case of an emergency or to gain greater control during training.

If you have a dog that tends to leap or jump and pull, this harness can be a big help.

This is a great harness for large dogs or for fogs who are high energy and difficult to control. 

Comfortable Fit Metric Small Dog Harness

This is the perfect step in dog harness for small dogs.

This harness is designed to be snug enough to stay on a little dog and can even fit toy breeds.

The design prevents the sloppy fit common with harnesses made for all sizes of dog that are not designed specifically for smaller dogs. This harness is for dogs with a girth of 15”-17”.

The harness is padded for comfort and is easy to take on and off. If your dog is an escape artist or if you have had issues with other harnesses chafing or pinching your smaller dog in the past, this harness will be the perfect harness for you and your small dog.

The D-ring arrangement on this harness is made with smaller dogs in mind and prevents choking or pulling.

This harness is a great buy if you are fed up with buying a harness for your very small dog and getting it home to find it does not fit properly. 

TrueLove Soft Front Dog Harness

This step-in dog harness comes in many sizes and a wide range of colors.

The nylon webbing used in this harness is highly reflective which makes this a great choice for owners who run or hike with their dogs and might need to be visible on the road at night.

This harness prevents pulling with its front ring design and allows for a more casual leading arrangement as well because it has a ring on the top collar portion of the harness.

The soft padding is a great fit for dogs with sensitive skin who are prone to chafing from regular harness styles. This clever harness also boasts a seatbelt attachment to be used in the car.

If you are usually traveling in your car to a location where you exercise your dog, this harness is the right choice for you. This is an all-around harness that suits many needs for many types of dogs.

The Company of Animals Halti

This harness is designed with the dog that pulls in mind.

This harness aims to nip pulling in the bud without affecting your dog’s freedom of motion or comfort. The harness is designed to stay firmly in place through the clever design of the no-slip chest panel.

This no-slip styling is key to the control that this harness was made to create. The harness comes in three sizes to meet the needs of many breeds and sizes of dog and can be accessorized with the company’s training lead for even better control of your pet.

The webbing is durable and comfortable and the design includes underarm sleeves intended to prevent chafing or pressure points.

This design also allows your dog to wear its own collar and leaves access to the collar clear.

If you intend to use this style of harness which allows the use of a regular collar at the same time, look at our suggestions for collars in this article.

YOGADOG Heavy Duty Harness

This harness literally covers all the bases that anyone could be looking for in a step-in dog harness. It has a long-life guarantee and fits dogs with size 28-38-inch chests.

This harness can be used with the elastic handle for added control and grip or it can be used with a leash attachment at the collar.

The whole harness is made to stretch and give while also providing superior control for the handler. Your dog cannot choke in this harness and they cannot be hurt or pinched by the harness if they decide to jump against it. The harness is reflective and is suitable for use with any kind of leash if the grab handle is not in use.

This is a great product for challenging dogs or very tall dogs. If you want to pair this harness with a training collar, read our article on training collars.

Lifepul No Pull Dog Vest

This harness employs a vest-like design to integrate control from various angles.

There is a leash connector on the back and the vest also offers a grab handle for greater control. The padding is thick and is intended to prevent chafing or pressure points.

The design is designed to be quick to get on and off, offering easy to use buckle attachments to make putting the vest on and taking it off an easy process.

The material of the harness breathes well and will not rub.

This is a great step in harness for dogs of all sizes and is the perfect design for dogs that may get wet when they are out exercising.

This is a great all-around vest that is durable under many conditions.

Friends Forever No Pull Harness

This vest is made for large and extra-large size dogs.

It is made for comfort with wide straps that are designed to prevent the chafing or pressure points which plague other harnesses when they are used for very large dogs.

The design is cleverly made so that it is easy to take on and off. The D-ring is on the front of the harness to prevent pulling and the back of the harness has an attached grab handle. The harness is soft and well-padded.

This harness will not choke your dog and prevents pulling by distributing pressure evenly throughout the harness.  The harness also is reflective for safe nighttime walks.

This is a great choice for those with a large dog who can sometimes be hard to control.

Best of all, this is a great harness for the comfort of large dogs who tend to have issues with the fit and styling of other harnesses.

TIANYAO Big Dog Harness

This heavy-duty harness is made for medium to large dogs and comes with a leash and training collar. This is a great choice for those with athletic dogs who are working on obedience training.

The complete set is meant to be used together but the harness is effective and capable even without being paired with the collar and lead.

The harness employs a unique triangle-shaped breastplate that is very good at distributing pressure evenly if your dog decides to pull. The harness is made to be very durable and employs lightweight mesh and soft sponge padding to keep the harness from being too hot for your pet.

It will not chafe or pinch and is shaped in an ideal way for heavily-muscled breeds like Pit Bulls or Rottweilers.

This harness again employs the two D-ring style, one being on the chest plate and the other being at the back.

The difference with this harness is that the included collar and leash are made to pair perfectly with the harness for maximum control and finesse.

If you are looking to buy a great quality training harness, this is the right choice for you and your dog.

BINGPET Soft Mesh Dog Harness

This harness is perfect for toy or small dogs and puppies.

The small size is made for 12”-18” chest girth and 9.8” neck girth.

It is made of breathable mesh and has easy on and off clips to make it quick to get on and off.

The neck area is not adjustable but the rest of the harness is. The shape of the chest plate prevents chafing and rubbing for barrel-chested small breeds like Chihuahuas.

The simple design is well constructed and durable. Small and toy breeds are often hard to fit for a harness, and purchasing a harness made for their small size is the best solution.

The right harness will not pinch or rub your pet. This is a great little harness for dog owners who need a simple harness for the comfort of their dog.

BINGPET Soft Mesh Dog Harness

This harness is made for training and practicality as well as durability. It has three snaps that allow easy on and off for owner and pet. The buckle design is made for dogs who hate to have their harness pulled over their head or who do not have the patience to stand while they step into the harness.

Leash attachments are located on the front of the chest and in the back middle of the harness. The harness is reflective and has a soft grab handle in the middle back.

The harness comes in many sizes and colors. This harness is a great mix of a variety of styles of the harness so that is can cover a lot of bases for owners.

For owners who want to utilize many of the options offered by a harness, this harness provides lots of options.

This is a great all-around harness for many needs and for training.

Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Harness

This colorful harness is available in many sizes and can be purchased with a matching collar and leash.

The patented lightweight Duraflex buckles are made to withstand a large amount of pressure to prevent any chance of the harness breaking if the dog pulls too hard.

The buckle attachments are made to be ergonomic, making this a great step in dog harness for dogs who are lacking in some patients with the process of getting ready to go for a walk.

The harness can be adjusted to fit perfectly and the chest plate is designed in an x-shape for maximum control and comfort. The straps are made of strong, flexible webbing with reflective bands built-in.

The leash can be attached at the chest plate or in the center back of the harness. The sponge padding keeps the harness light and comfortable for your pet and the possible chafing points are enhanced with extra padding.

This is a great harness for active dogs who are inclined to be running or jumping during wear.

Outdoor harnesses need to be durable and comfortable and this harness is both.


A harness needs to be comfortable, durable and effective to be worth the money it cost to buy it.

A dog who is not comfortable in its harness might behave poorly, might suffer chafing or pinching or could learn to dislike being walked or exercised.

Buying the right harness is not only necessary for training, but it is also imperative for the health of your dog.

The list we have provided should help to identify the type of harness that suits your dog’s breed, your dog’s activity level and your needs as an owner.

When you find the perfect harness for your dog, you will help them to be happy, healthy, obedient and active.

Taking the guesswork out of buying the right harness for you and your pet will make it possible for you to get to work on training and playing with your furry family member as soon as possible.

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