18 Best Apartment Dogs for City Dwellers

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Are you living in a big city or looking to move to one and have a dog in your apartment? You’d be surprised at how certain dogs fit perfectly into certain areas. As for choosing the best apartment dogs for city dwellers, it’s all about selecting the right dog that you think would be the best fit to accompany your urban lifestyle. You need a dog that can best adapt to city living. For most cities, they are an environment with a lot of high energy. Lots of people running errands, many businesses, etc. Your top preference should be a dog that can easily mix with a lot of energies in one place at one time. Here are 18 of the best apartment dogs that we consider would be the top choices for city dwellers.

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Although Bulldogs can be very playful, the are only that for a short period of time. If you aren’t going great distances, it would be a good idea to take your Bulldog along with you. Anything moderate to long distance will often tire them out.

Chinese Crested


Chinese Crested dogs make for great apartment dogs for any city dwellers. They are playful, have high energy and can vibe with many different people. One thing to lookout for are health problems. According to the article at: https://www.petmd.com/dog/breeds/c_dg_chinese_crested_dog they are very prone to both minor and major health problems over time.

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Boston Terrier


Boston Terriers tend to have great social behaviors not only with other people, but their pets as well. If you are looking for a friendly city dog that doesn’t mind the company of others, this is it.



Havanese dogs will adapt to any living situation and this includes apartments. An additional benefit as that similar to other dogs on our list, they are fairly quiet so they don’t really disturb your neighbors.

Shih Tzu


According to this article at: https://www.bustle.com/p/20-best-dog-breeds-for-city-living-8602866 Angela Hughes, whom is a Veterinarian Genecist at Wisdom Panel, says that Shih Tzus are a breed that is very alert, active and are great for park trips and short walks around your city block.

Great Dane


Great Danes often have peaceful, affectionate personalities and although they are big dogs, they require little exercise and lounge around most of the time.



Beagles are cute, curious, tenacious little hunting dogs. These dogs are great for college kids and can adapt to any living spaces big or small. If you have a park nearby, it’d be a good idea to regularly take them out and let them run around for a bit.

Golden Retriever


You may remember this breed of dog from the movie Air Bud. Golden Retrievers make for great family dogs and if you have children living with you, they will fit in and get along with them also.

German Shepherd


Although these dogs are primarily used in law enforcement, they make for great family dogs. They have high energy, are very bold and aren’t timid around many people.




At first, and really just like any dog, Greyhounds will need some time to get used to the city. Once they are, then they are extremely happy and energetic dogs. Although they are racing dogs, they are also known to be couch potatoes, so if you want to stay in the house it is perfectly fine with them.




These dogs are snuggly, highly affectionate and very quiet. One thing you want to keep in mind is that they do require a bit of maintenance as they can shed quite easily and frequently.

French Bulldog



If you are busy and often have weekend errands and take regular trips to the cafe, then French Bulldogs just may be the best dog for you. They tend to have a mellow personality that is adaptable to their environment and makes it easy for them to fit right in with city life.




Two things about Pugs; Like other dogs that we have mentioned, they do very well in smaller apartments and two, they are happy to trot around the city and mix with different energies. They are friendly and very easily adaptable to any living situation.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel



These dogs are normally very quiet and because they don’t bark too often, this makes them one of the best apartment dogs for city dwellers, because there is a small chance that they will disturb others in your building. Similar to Dachshunds and other small dogs, they are perfect for small apartments.




These cute, hotdog-shaped dogs are friendly and don’t need much space to move around. So, whether you have a small apartment or a big apartment, it makes no difference for your Dachshund.

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Bichon Frise



The key with Bichon Frise dogs is to start out with proper training so that they can adapt to your living situation and are tolerant. Other than that, they are very happy indoor pets that don’t shed hair like other dogs so, for the most part they are very clean.

Yorkshire Terrier



If your doorbell happens to not be loud enough, there’s no need to worry about that when you have your Yorkshire Terrier around. They are great at alerting you of any potential break-ins or if someone is knocking at the door.

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English Mastiff



As for English Mastiffs, you will want to go for more of the adult Mastiffs because they are more laid back and can easily adapt to an apartment living situation than if they were at a younger age. If you live in a big building, you should use the elevator because they can get tired quickly.

Conclusion: 18 Best Apartment Dogs For City Dwellers

These are 18 of the best apartment dogs for city dwellers and the truth is we barely scratched the surface as far as dogs that can adapt to your apartment living situation. The key here is to not only choose a dog that you like, but also a dog that will compliment your environment very well and this includes living situation, out and about town situations and your neighbors.

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