5 Gifts to Give Your Pup this Christmas

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I’m guessing you’re here because one of the most important names on your Christmas gift list this year is your dog. No judgment here. Most people consider their pets to be family. Of course, they’re on the list!

The holidays can be a chaotic time. Don’t feel bad if you need help both shopping for your dog and keeping them calm and happy this Christmas.

But what exactly does that discerning Siberian Husky of yours need or want this holiday season? No opposable thumb. No letters to Santa. You can start your search thinking about the things your pup needs anyway and go from there:

Food bowl

Think metal, not plastic. Dogs can have problems with lingering smells or bacteria from a poorly cleaned plastic bowl just like humans might. An engraved one would be a perfect upgrade for Fifi or Mr. Snuggles.

Chew toys

Different sorts of dogs (big or small, puppy or elder) need different types of chew toys, according to the Humane Society.

Hard rubber dog toys work well because they hold up to the chewing dogs need to do, especially puppies. If you need to keep a dog occupied, challenge your pooch with a few snack dispensing toys. They have to work hard to remove the snack in the toy cavity. This is a really good type of toy if your pet eats too quickly.

And dogs are like us; they need to be soothed by objects. We use warm blankies, expensive pillows and a sweatshirt that still smells like a certain ex-boyfriend to comfort us. (Hey, I said,  “No judgment!”)

Both humans and some, but not all, dogs need something squishy to snuggle with. Think small if your baby carries his around like a friend. Some dogs want to throttle their lovies. Think large so your pup doesn’t swallow parts of it while it’s in the middle of killing it.

This gift guide from the Independent in Great Britain has workable gift ideas, including many available on Amazon, including a bunch of chew toys.

Practical gear — harness, collar, clippers

Yes, your dog should wear a harness and a collar—for walking/exercising and for a place to affix tags, respectively. A good rule of thumb for harnesses and collars: make sure you can fit two fingers in between the harness and the dog.

Also, if you’re ready to take the DIY approach to grooming your dog’s coat, here are some clipper options to consider.

Doggy Bed

Science and research tell us that sleeping with a pet can be good for both your and your dog’s mind and heart. Sleeping together can reduce anxiety, steady your heart rate and promote the release of the feel-good hormone oxytocin. If your dog sleeps in a dog bed, consider an upgrade. Casper and Purple both that sell specially crafted dog beds.

And If you’re thinking about your dog’s bed and sleeping habits, you’re probably thinking about your own. Let’s be honest: the dog is going to try to take over your space eventually. If you’re mattress is sagging or over 7 years old, might as well also grab the best mattress for yourself while you’re at it.

This is a great time to buy a new human mattress since holiday sales abound. If you’re intimidated by the options, here are some third-party reviews to help you root out the best one for you and your dog.

Ye Olde Ugly Christmas Sweater

Don’t spare your dog the indignity of the ugly Christmas sweater party, especially if you’re hosting one. It’s a family event so ALL FAMILY MEMBERS must participate. Plus there are too many options to choose from. Come on, where’s your sense of humor?!?

Ruff ruff ruff … ruff ruff ruff … ruff RUFF ruff ruff RUUUUFFF

When we treat our dogs as fur babies, we want to shower them with love 365 days of the year. Christmastime is special for the entire family. Go on then, indulge your pup over the holidays!

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