7 Best Pet Odor Candles to Keep Those Bad Odors Far Away

Pet ownership is a joyful experience that comes with very few downsides. Dog owners will do anything for their dogs and their canine friends feel the same way about their human families.

If you ask dog owners if there are any downsides to pet ownership however, most of them will cite pet odor as the biggest challenge of dog ownership.

If you have a new puppy who has made a couple of messes in the house or if it’s the middle of winter and your doggy companion is not always smelling as fresh as they did during the summer, you might be noticing some pet odor in your home.

Sometimes carpet cleaners and spot cleaning are not enough to totally eliminate pet smell in your home. It may not always be feasible or even healthy for your dog to get washed off each time it comes in wet or muddy from being outside. What to do?

Thankfully, there are some great ways to help eliminate pet odors without having to clean and re-clean your carpets for the millionth time. Pet odor candles are a great way to remove pet smell from the air and to keep your house smelling its best no matter what the season.

If you are struggling with stubborn pet odor in your home, check out our list of the 7 best pet odor candles to keep those bad odors far away!

Here are the 7 Best Pet Odor Candles:

While pet odor candles are not the only way to control pet odor in your home, they are often one of the quickest and most effective ways to clean up the air in your house and to prepare your home for visitors.

Even a freshly washed dog can smell and there is nothing worse than inviting friends over only to have them comment that your house smells like your dog! The same can be said for new dog owners dealing with potty-training their first puppy.

Thankfully, a good pet odor candle can whip things into shape before guests come over or return your home to its former state of freshness after your canine companion gets bathed.

Pet’s Favorite-Odor Eliminating Candle:

This attractive and effective candle comes in four unique scents. The candle is made with non-toxic fragrances and is guaranteed to be allergen-free for the health of both you and your furry friends.

This candle has been proven to eliminate 99% of pet odors in lab tests and will do more than just mask the bad smells in the air.  An added benefit is that the company only sells products that are cruelty-free and have 100% cotton wicks.

The product will last up to 70 hours and is hand-poured in the USA. Best of all, this product has a 100% satisfaction guarantee or you can get your money back.

Select from lavender, linen, vanilla or lemon zest and clean up the air in your home while also adding a touch of soft and enjoyable fragrance!

This is a great choice if you have always liked a classic-smelling candle that won’t overpower you with a strong scent.

One Fur All 100% Natural Soy Candle:

Sold in single packs or two packs, this candle comes in many scents.

Remove the smell of dirty dogs or wet pet beds from the air with this odor eliminating candle that is made with a special odor neutralizer that was designed to specifically target pet smells

Made with a proprietary blend of scent and essential oils, One Fur All candles are made to burn cleanly and offer a fragrance that is never overwhelming or off-putting.

This candle is made in the US and will burn for up to 60 hours.

An added plus to this candle is that it is a soy candle and will always be paraffin and dye-free, making it one of the least allergenic and cleanest burning candles on the market.

It comes with a money-back guarantee and offers a great price point for an all-natural candle.

Scented Pet Odor Eliminator Candles:

This great boxed set offers the chance to try four of the available scents made by this manufacturer and decide which one is the best fit for your home.

The candles come in attractive tins which will look nice even if they are displayed in plain sight and they are made to include health benefits for your pets such as calming and anti-anxiety herbs.  These are not odor masking candles and are instead odor eliminators.

The company guarantees that they will provide spa-quality aromas and stress relief while also cleaning the air in your home. Made with cotton wicks, these soy candles are cruelty-free and will not release carcinogens or allergen-causing chemicals when they are in use.

These candles are designed specifically to appeal to pet owners and the clever and unique packaging will tickle the fancy of any pet owner.

These are even fancy enough to be given as a gift!

Just Makes Scents Smoke and Odor Eliminator:

Made to handle tough odors in general, this lovely candle comes in two scents: original spice and fresh linen.

The simple and attractive packaging is nice enough to display in a central location and the aroma is light enough that it will not overwhelm you or your pet’s noses. The candle will burn for 40 hours and is made from soy wax with a clean-burning wick.

The company provides truly handmade items as each candle is poured by the company owner in their home.

This candle promises to neutralize even the toughest odors without drowning smells in perfumey additives. Complete with a money back guarantee, this candle stands behind what it promises to accomplish.

If you like a simple, basic pet odor candle that will still take out those tough pet smells, this is the candle for you.

Pet Odor Exterminator Candle:

This candle comes backed by fantastic ratings and is one of the most effective odor eliminators on the pet odor candle market. This candle comes in many different scents, making it one of the most versatile products in the pet odor candle genre.

This is one of the longer-burning candles you can buy and will burn for at least 70 hours.

An added benefit to this product is that it is sold and endorsed by veterinarians. The candle is made with a special paraffin and soy blend that is safe to burn inside your home and will not irritate sensitive eyes and noses.

This is a great product if you need a strong and long-lasting candle but don’t want to be overwhelmed by a strong candle aroma.

Even the most sensitive pets or people will be able to be in the same room as this candle and the company promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee to back this claim.

If you worry about buying a candle that has not been made by animal experts, this candle will eliminate any of your concerns.

Aroma Paws Odor Candle:

If you want to buy a mildly-scented candle that is smaller in size, this is the right candle for you.

This is a soy wax candle and promises that it is chemical free.  It comes in a light and delicate citrus scent and neutralizes odors with its special blend of essential oils and odor neutralizers.

The slightly higher price point for this candle is easily justified if you are searching for a 100% natural product that will be safe for guests and pets with allergies or sensitivities.

The packaging is attractive and subtle.

It comes in a 12 oz size and the pretty packaging is an added plus. Users rave about the subtly of the scent and the powerful odor fighting nature of this little candle.

If you are looking for a natural pet odor candle that still gets the job done, this is the candle for you.

Fresh Wave Odor Removing Candle:

This is another nice soy-based candle that eliminates odors effectively despite its small size. Fresh wave will burn for 40 hours and is clean burning with a recyclable container.

The entire product is biodegradable and it is non-toxic to both pets and humans.

Even the packaging is made using recycled ingredients, making this the most environmentally friendly pick on our list.

If you are tired of buying candles that come in large glass jars and then having to throw away the jar when you are done with the candle, fresh wave solves the issue of waste while also removing odors from your home.

This clever candle is made entirely from plant oils and water and is designed to completely neutralize tough smells without any scent of its own to muddy the air.

If you don’t want to have any additional scents in your home but do want to remove pet odors, this candle will fit your needs perfectly.

Pro User Tips:

Use a Brush & Shampoo:

Remember that half the battle when you are struggling with tough animal smells is making sure that your pets are clean and well-groomed.

If you are having issues with the tools you are using to brush and clean your dog, check out our handy list of the 7 top dog brushes to keep your dog happy and healthy.

A clean dog is much less likely to be a smelly dog. Having the right tools can make it much easier to keep your pet clean.

Always make sure to buy dog-specific shampoos and to follow the directions on the bottles. Leaving the shampoo on your dog’s skin or using products that clog their pores can lead to your dog being even smellier and dirtier than before they were bathed!

Stay away from shampoos that have heavy fragrances as well, as these additives often irritate your dog’s skin and can hurt their delicate eyes and noses.

Clean Carpet Using Vacuums:

Also remember that sometimes your carpets or the beds that your dog is sleeping on can be contributing to the issue by hold onto tough animal odors.

Buying a good quality deodorizer for your carpet can work wonders and keeping dog beds washed and clean will help as well.

There are many carpet and furniture deodorizers on the market that are made to be safe for use around your pets and adding one of them to your cleaning regimen can work wonders.

Vacuuming couches and other furniture items that your pet likes to sit on can also help greatly with lingering smells and grime.

If you feel like you just can’t keep your floors clean no matter what you do, you might need a better vacuum to help you keep up with the pet hair. Here is a great list of the 7 best vacuums to help keep your pet-friendly home human-friendly and fresh.

Being able to truly pick up all the animal hair and associated dirt and dust that your pets bring into your home can help greatly with allergies as well as odors.

There are many vacuums on the market that are made just for homes with pets and you will be amazed at the difference a quality vacuum can make in your daily cleaning routine.

Keep Your Dog on a Leash:

An additional tip related to keeping your canine friends from becoming stinky or dirty in winter is to take them for walks rather than leaving them out in the yard to dig holes or roll in smelly things they find outside.

A good daily walk regimen is major factor in the health and mental well-being of your doggy companion and it can also really help to keep them cleaner in winter.

Make sure that you are set up for success by having the best leash or harness for you and your pet’s needs and get to walking!

Lastly, if your dog seems to smell no matter how often you bathe them, there might be something else going on.

There are a variety of health concerns that can lead to your dog being extra smelly or hard to keep clean. If you think that your dog might be suffering from any of the conditions that can lead to excessive odor or a greasy coat, you should take them to your veterinarian to be examined.

Often these issues can be addressed with proper care and your home and your pet will be back to smelling fresh and clean before you know it!


Pet odors can make both you and any guests you invite into your home uncomfortable.

As much as dog owners love their dogs, there is not pet owner alive that wants their house to smell like a dog lives there.

If you have been struggling with tough pet odors and have begun to feel like nothing can make your home smell clean and fresh ever again, a good pet odor candle can make all the difference. Always make sure that you buy pet odor candles rather than just strong-smelling generic candles.

Wash dog beds and any rugs that your pet sleeps or sits on throughout the day as well. If you make sure that your canine companion is clean and tidy and invest in a good vacuum and a good pet odor candle, you will be amazed at how fresh and clean your home will smell! 

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