9 Best Pet Door Protectors Available

9 Best Pet Door Protectors Available

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Having a pet can be one of the most wonderful experiences that you can have. Pets offer companionship and comfort and research shows that they offer health benefits to us just be being around. For some people, however, owning a pet is an impossibility due to their work schedule which keeps them away from home all day. Anyone who currently owns a dog or who has owned one in the past knows how much of a struggle it can be to try and find someone to provide care for your dog if you get stuck in traffic or if you have a late meeting that you have to attend.

While most pet owners sort out a means by which their pets can be let out and fed if they themselves cannot get home to do it, but there are always days where things just don’t work out to plan.  On those occasions, it is common for dogs to scratch at doors and windows, trying to let themselves outside. Some dogs always scratch at the door to request to be let out, even if they have been discouraged from doing so in the past.

If you have a dog of any size who is causing damage to your doors due to boredom or ingrained behavior, you are probably tired of replacing doors or covering scratches with paint and varnish. While it is possible to retrain your pet to behave in a way that is not so hard on your home, the process can take some time. If you are renting or if you have moved into a new home, you might be particularly tired of your doggy companion causing damage to your home.

Thankfully, there are options available to help you solve this dilemma!  First of all, it is always wise to make sure that your dog’s needs are being met. If they have food water and a comfortable bed to lay on, you will have sorted out most of what might be making them behave incorrectly. If letting your pet outside to go to the bathroom is part of what has been causing destructive behavior, consider getting them a high-quality outdoor dog bed and leaving them outside during the day. Lastly, make sure that their exercise needs are being met. If you are uncomfortable walking your dog due to its rambunctious nature or you want to go running or hiking with your dog but you feel overwhelmed about which collar or harness to select, check out our article which lists the best harnesses for your canine buddy.

If you have resolved all of the potential reasons for your dog’s destructive behavior, you will need to protect the doors in your house from damage. We have compiled a list of the best door protectors available to keep your house damage-free!

9 Best Pet Door Protectors Available

1. The Door Shield:

This is a great choice for a door protector you don’t want to impede the light coming through a window or a door with glass panes.

The shield protects the door or window from damage due to scratching and it is shatterproof, which is an added plus.

This shield is made of latex-free materials and it is guaranteed to be made of non-toxic plastic. An added plus is that it is easy to install with the included adhesive which can be trimmed to size using scissors.

This product will fit standard door sizes and measures 33 x 35 inches.

It promises that it will stick to wood, metal, or even glass doors with no trouble.

The company suggests that you use two door shields to cover the entire door if your dog is prone to jumping while it is scratching at the door.

2. Petfect Pet Scratch Protector with Custom Cut Knife

This is a great choice if you have smaller dogs at home or if your cat is an additional culprit for scratching.

This kit protects the bottom of the door and the door jamb but doesn’t clutter up the middle of the door with protective coating if it is not needed.

This is the perfect choice if you want easy to install door protection without having to buy a large sheet of material and cut it to fit. The product is self-adhesive and comes with a cutting knife for customization of your shields.

You can cut each piece to the size that you desire with ease and then stick it on. The clear plastic will not impede the beauty of your furniture or doors as it is perfectly transparent.

An added plus is that this product is very flexible, making it suitable for many types of surfaces besides doors.

Being able to cover all the surfaces in your home that are being damaged by your new puppy or by a frustrated older dog is a great added value of this product.

3. Petfect Premium Dog Door Cover for Interior and Exterior

If your dog only scratches at the door near the door jamb or if you have an actual doggy door that is being scratched by your canine friend, this is the perfect choice for you.

The .75mm polycarbonate is crystal clear and will not become brittle like plastic. There is no cutting required as the shield comes in two standard precut sizes which should fit your needs handily without further modification.

The product attaches with adhesive and then the job is done!

This is a good door protector to choose if you are dealing with a rental property which will not be your permanent location or if you are only worried about your dog scratching at a specific location on a door.

The shield also attaches with Velcro so you can remove it from the included Velcro strips if you want to.

Sometimes you have to be able to be flexible with your use of a door protector and this style door shield is designed with that in mind.

4. Starling’s Car Door Protector

Is your dog scratching at your car door when you arrive at the park? Maybe he gets excited when he sees a bicycle going by while you are driving and leaps against your car door.

If you are tired of messy and damaged car doors, this is the product for you! This waterproof door guard attaches to your car door and protects against dirt and grime as well as scratch marks.

It fits any car door and is installed with Velcro straps which are included with your purchase. The door protector does not look cheap and adds function to your backseat without impeding the stylish looks of your car.

An added plus to this door protector is the attached pockets which make for additional storage.

The product also has a 100% money-back guarantee.

5. Saint-Goban Premium Pet Screen:

If your dog is damaging your screen door because he can see through the screen, this is the right product for you. It can be frustrating to have to close your doors and windows in the summer to protect window and door screens from your dog, but for many people this is a reality.

Dogs simply can’t see the screens and they often run right through them or they will press against them until they are stretched out too much to be of any use. This 36 x 84 inch roll of premium pet screen material is made to prevent tears and damage from pet nails.

It is strong enough to keep your dog from running right through it and is easy to install. Additionally, it comes with an installation guide to help you to have a seamless experience with the product.

If you are sick of your dog breaking your screen door, this is the perfect door protector for a happy pet and cool house all summer long.

6. CarPet Scratch Stopper

Is your pet clawing at your carpet rather than your doors? Many pets think that they can tunnel under a closed door and cause lots of damage to expensive carpeting beneath the door.

If you are struggling with your dog clawing at the rugs and carpet in your house, this clever solution will probably solve your problems!  The scratch stopper fits standard doors, measuring 29.5”-29 15/16”.

The snug fit promised by the sizing chart will prevent pet nails from tearing up your carpet and will keep your pet from seeking out the rewards of destructive behavior.

There is nothing enjoyable about clawing plastic and your pet will quickly learn that the scratch stopper provides an uncomfortable surface to try and work with.

Use this in tandem with a good door protector and your house will be totally safe from your dog’s handiwork!

7. 4Knines Dog Car Door Cover

Do you like to let your dog stick his head out the window while you are driving but are tired of him scratching at the door while he does so?

This high-quality padded cover will protect your car from injury and let your dog enjoy his ride to and from the dog park.

If you have been holding off on taking your dog on adventures with you due to the fear of damage to your car doors, this product will rescue you and make sure that you and your canine friend can get back on the road again!

The best part about this cover is that it installs quickly and can be removed just as easily once your dog is not in the car anymore. Velcro attachments are clean and easy to use and the cover comes in different colors as well.

Best of all, the cover is washable and will prevent grime and dirt from damaging your car doors as well!

The cover has a lifetime warranty in addition, which makes it a great choice for a door protector if you are struggling with your desire to include your dog in your daily adventures but are worried about your car doors being damaged.

Protecting your car against damage from pet nails has never been so easy and you and your dog will be so happy that nothing is getting in the way of your quality time together.

8. Clawguard Protection Tape

This durable tape offers single-sided protection for small locations that are being scratched by your pet.

Each roll is 4 in by 10 ft and is clear so it will not cover up your décor or mar the finish of your doors and windows. You can cut it to size with scissors and apply to any surface, including carpet.

This is the perfect solution if you have a pet that wanders and scratches at different locations each day. The tape makes scratching less rewarding and when it wears out, you can simply tear it off and replace it with fresh tape.

An added plus with this product is that it can even be used on furniture if you need to protect the edges of a sofa or table legs that are being damaged.

This can be a great solution for a puppy as their behaviors will change over time and they might not only be scratching at the doors in your house. This is a great product if you both want to protect your home and also want to encourage better behavior.

As an added bonus, if you have any cats in the house that like to scratch furniture, this product will stop that behavior in its tracks!

9. Laminet Original Deluxe Pet Scratch Shields

This product comes in many sizes and dimensions which makes this a great solution if your house has an odd-shaped location that your dog is scratching at.

This is also a great product if you need to protect your door both down low and up high because you can mix and match sizes to protect your home in many different ways.

The product is clear so it will not block your décor and it rolls out and stays flat right away, making it easy to custom fit and to attach to surfaces.

It attaches with 8 velcro hook and loop coins so it can be easily removed or replaced in the future with a new shield. This is a well-known brand that makes lots of other protectors, so they are number one when it comes to producing products that are safe for pets and your home.

This is a wonderful product that will not damage your doors when you install and remove it, making it a great long-term solution for homes that have a puppy that outgrows its scratching behavior down the road.


Scratching can be frustrating and it can sometimes seem like your dog is trying to harm your home on purpose!

If you are tired of fighting with your pet or if you cannot be at home to monitor them all day, these door protectors are the perfect solution.

You will not have to worry anymore about damage to your home and you can use your scratch shields to help retrain your doggy friend to stop scratching at doors and windows.

If you remember to provide your pet with the necessary exercise that he or she needs, give them a nice bed to lay on and keep them comfortable with food and water all day, these door protectors can be the perfect way to solve a problem that should not have to come between you and your dog.

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