Behavioral Changes In Dogs: What’s Making Your Puppy More Naughty Than Before?

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A dog’s behavior will change as they are trained, get older, and interact with more people and animals around them. Adjusting to this is a natural part of being a dog owner; animals have their own personalities just like we do! 

However, sometimes the new behaviors a puppy takes on are disruptive, mischievous, and downright naughty. Maybe they suddenly bark all the time when they were quiet as a mouse before? Maybe they’ve started stealing shoes and socks and try to tear them up? 

These are common issues a dog owner will have to deal with, but understanding what’s behind these changes will make a big difference in the way you handle them. So, what’s making your puppy want to be naughty? 

cute dog

Have They Been Walked Today?

Puppies have a lot of energy! They need to have an outlet for this, and for most dogs, that means going on a walk at least once a day. 

If you have a spotty walking schedule, and your puppy has recently become quite hyper and destructive, this could be a sign they need more exercise. 

Take them outside whenever you have the chance to, let them run and explore, and make sure their nose gets to work

Have They Recently Been Spayed or Neutered?

When you spay or neuter your puppy, it’s usually a good thing for the animal involved. They can’t get pregnant/impregnate other dogs, meaning there are less wayward puppies looking for homes in this world. Similarly, their hormones drop to a low level and become far less obtrusive in their life. This means less aggressive behaviors in the long run, such as leg humping and destructive behaviors. 

However, in the days after spaying and neutering, your dog may seemingly get ‘worse’. They may become more aggressive, never want to leave your side, and become very reactive and jumpy. This may lead you to believe the neutering hasn’t worked, but what is really going on here? 

It’s a simple reaction to the change in their body, and your puppy may also feel unsafe after spending time at the vet or receiving anaesthetic. And while these behaviors can be worrying in the moment, it’s important to remember that they will calm down and eventually be forgotten. 

Did You Praise Them at the Wrong Moment?

Praise is an important tool in dog training. However, if you praise your dog at the wrong moment, you can teach them the opposite of what you’re trying to. 

For example, if you’re training your puppy to sit, and you tell them they’re a good dog after they’ve stood back up again (because they’re approaching the treat in your hand) you may accidentally train them to stay standing when you use this command. 

This can make you feel like your dog isn’t listening to you, but it’s simply a matter of watching what you say during training sessions!

If your puppy has seemingly become naughty overnight, check for these signs for some answers. 


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