Creating a Pet Care Schedule for the New Year

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The new year is fast approaching and there isn’t a better time to incorporate a little more organisation into your life. You can invest in a new diary or planner and quite literally turn a fresh page to keeping up with your commitments and responsibilities. Now, when you have a canine companion, you have a little more responsibility than those who do not and you need to make sure that you prioritise their care. Here are a few different pet-related points to place on your checklist and keep up with as the year progresses!

Setting Up an Insurance Direct Debit

If you don’t yet have pet insurance, it’s time to invest in some. It’s absolutely essential, as you never know when you might face an unexpected veterinary bill and insurance will help to ensure that your four legged friend can always receive whatever help, treatment, or care that they might require. Avoid every missing any payments by setting up a direct debit out of your bank account and ensuring that there are sufficient funds available to cover the payment on a set day of each month.

Scheduling Veterinary Check Ups

Many of us only take our pets to the vets when they are displaying negative symptoms or have experienced some sort of sickness or injury. But you should schedule a general check up at least once each year, even if your pet seems to be in good health. An annual check up will allow your vet to check your pooch over and identify any issues that might have developed but that you might have overlooked.

Integrating Socialization into Your Pet’s Care Routine

As you plan your pet care schedule for the New Year, an important aspect to consider is the socialization of your furry friend. Dogs, being inherently social animals, thrive on interaction with other canines. Incorporating visits to a dog social club into your routine can significantly enhance your pet’s quality of life. These clubs provide a safe and controlled environment where dogs can play, interact, and learn from each other, contributing to their overall behavioral development and well-being. Regular socialization helps in reducing anxiety, improving confidence, and keeping your dog mentally and physically stimulated. Additionally, dog social clubs often offer various activities and events that are not only enjoyable for your pet but also provide an opportunity for you to meet other dog owners and become part of a community.

Keeping Up With Insect Repellant

Dogs need regular care in order to ensure that different types of insects and parasites don’t bother them or prove detrimental to their overall health and wellbeing.

  • Fleas – fleas cause pooches to scratch and itch. You can treat your dog with specialist flea treatments – just make sure to get the right type for their size and to follow instructions on the packet. If in doubt, contact your vet.
  • Worms – dogs should also receive worming treatment. Worms can cause problems with their digestive tract and can prevent your pup from getting sufficient nutrition. This can be treated with medication that is available through your vet or over the counter.
  • Ticks – ticks tend to attach themselves to dogs and feed on their blood. You can learn how to safely remove them through your vet or online tutorials.
  • Other insects – dogs are prone to being bothered by ants, mosquitos and other insects. Consider invest in some natural insect repellent for dogs to keep these pesky bugs away.

Booking in Grooming Sessions

Some dogs do not require professional grooming. They can easily be bathed at home. But if your dog has long, curly, or other types of high maintenance hair and fur, you may need to book in professional grooming sessions. Take your pup into a reliable groomers with good recommendations and protective equipment to prevent your dog from escaping or getting outside for a consultation.

These are just a few aspects of your pet care schedule that you should start to add into your new year’s diary! They’ll keep your pup’s tail wagging through 2019!

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