Does My Dog Know I Love Him? Here’s How To Know

does my dog know i love him?

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Animals have a sixth sense and your dog can really sense things. They understand your actions and emotions. They listen and respond appropriately, and genuinely care about you. In fact, dogs are a vessel of unconditional love. Dogs have descended from wolves and share the same family – Canis lupus to Canis canis.

They are highly social pack animals with a social structure and bonding rituals like those of humans. When you take a dog as a pet these emotions and hierarchy are transferred to you making you its family. So, your dog loves you but have you ever wondered, “does my dog know I love him?”

Here is how you can ensure he does:

Ear Rubs: Try scratching your dog behind the ears. You will find him leaning into your hand and slowly drift into a trance with a smile on his face, an expression of a dog’s version of nirvana. This is because the dog’s ears are rich in nerve ends which make them sensitive. The rubbing triggers the flow of endorphin’s – the happiness hormones – through the body. Endorphin’s cause that feeling of love in your dog. So, if you wonder, does my dog know I love him? Show the love, rub his ears.

Play with your canine: Dogs make for great companions and playmates. Throw them a ball or a stick. Play hide and seek using a blanket or a wall. You see your dog smiling then you know they are having a great time. When you tower over the dog, it asserts dominance over them and this can become stressful so go on all fours. Tumble with your dog and build a bond of trust and brotherhood. This also relieves stress for you and your companion, especially after he has been stuck in the apartment all day with you at work. It is a much-needed release that prevents them from getting aggressive or possessive.

does my dog know I love him?

Goodies and Treats: According to Dog Time (, like every other living being, dogs too need proper nutrition. Water makes up 70 percent of the animal’s body so keep that water bowl full. Their diet requires proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins. While keeping your dog well-fed it is essential to exercise him and watch the body weight. If you keep your dog properly nourished, he will greatly appreciate you and love you for it!

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does my dog know I love him?

Talk and train your dog: According to Dog Notebook (, the Science magazine published a paper informing that dogs can sense your moods, they even understand our speech and tune into our emotions. An MRI study showed that a dog’s brain lit up with happiness when praised. This means that they not only understand the tone of your voice but interpret your words too. Don’t leave this as a question, does my dog know I love him? Tell him that you do! Use positive reinforcement while training your dog. Bond with your dog and find out what the best way to motivate him. It could be play, food, or praise.

Heart to heart: Have a heart to heart with your dog! Dogvacay ( says they crave attention as they are social animals. Just play fetch or just sit next to each other. You need to understand they have left their family to be your family so be kind. Find a pet-friendly location like a park that allows dogs. They can meet other dogs here, play and have a frolicking time with them. They are playful like children and this is good for their heart and offers other health benefits. They get to meet dogs and people of various ages and learn social norms.  Help your dog find a balanced life, they will love you for it.

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does my dog know i love him?

In conclusion, you can have a good idea on if your dog loves you by treating them right. Do good by them and they will absolutely love you for it!

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