Giving Your Dog More Freedom at Home

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When you first got your dog, chances are you thought about running around parks with them, taking them out for long walks, cuddling them on the sofa and playing with them in the garden. If you’d wanted a pet that stayed in one place, you’d have bought a hamster. But, did you ever consider what your dog would be doing when you weren’t with them? You can’t be playing with them all of the time. There might even be times where you are at work or otherwise out of the house, and your dog is home alone. During that time, it’s naive to assume that your dog will happily just sit and wait.

Dogs are curious and energetic. Even more placid breeds like to explore. It’s your job to get the limits just right. Your dog needs rules and guidelines. They need to know what is allowed and not allowed, and it’s your task early on to establish control. But, they also need freedom at home. When you are there, you’ll want to be able to allow them to wander and enjoy the house and garden. When you are at work, you may choose to keep them shut in one room or area, but you’ll still need to keep that space safe.


You don’t need physical fences and borders to keep your dog contained anymore. This Funace Underground Wired Pet Containment System Review can show you how effective a containment system can be when it comes to keeping your dog in one area and making sure they are safe at home.

You can use a containment system to block off certain parts of your home and to create safe spaces. You can do the same in the garden, which is exceptionally useful if you’ve got a large garden and want to create a safe play area, perhaps away from your garden furniture or plants. If you plan to use a containment system outdoors, it’s essential that you find one that is waterproof, however.

Video Monitoring

If you want your dog to have some freedom to move around, video monitoring gives you the option to keep an eye on them while you are away from the house. Set up smart cameras in the rooms that your dog uses, and check in on your phone. Use your findings to help adjust your safe spaces and make changes to your dog’s training and routines when needed. The only issue with this is that if you leave internal doors open, you’ll need multiple cameras to monitor everywhere your dog goes.


If you want to be able to trust your dog to be home alone with the freedom to explore, or even in different spaces, away from you, when you are home, proper training is crucial. You should give your dog clear rules and offer complete consistency. If you get your dog as a puppy, start training as soon as you can. A dog trainer can be a massive help if you are having trouble.


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