9 Home Remedies for Dogs with Allergies

Home Remedies for Dogs with Allergies

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For any loving pet owner, seeing your pet roll around in discomfort is enough to warrant a visit to the vet. Just like people, animals do have their fair share of allergies more so when it comes to dogs. And, just like people, the allergies will vary both in the allergens as well as the symptoms. Before you start on any medication, it might be a good idea to have the dog checked by a vet first just to be sure it is an allergy and not any other underlying problem. If you’re sure it is an allergy and want some home remedies for dogs with allergies, then you will find this piece to be very helpful.

Before looking at the different products in your home that would offer relief to your pet, it is good to have a bit of understanding about allergies in dogs and the allergens that could be triggering them. There are different symptoms with different signs. These can range from the all so common itchy skin where the dog constantly scratches itself to the runny eyes or nose, red eyes and also itchy feet and the occasional bowel problems.

Each of these symptoms can be caused by different allergens which are usually classified into three categories for easier understanding. There are the seasonal allergies, environmental allergies and the very avoidable food allergies. Now that you know about allergies in dogs, how can you help your lovable pet get over the symptoms without having to spend a fortune? Here are nine home remedies for dogs with allergies that will work wonders and are all easily found in your home.

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1. Wipe Your Dog

This will in most cases work for itchiness caused by environmental factors. In the event that the dog brushed against something that is causing the allergy, the best approach would be to wipe the allergen away. For this, you can use a wet cloth to wipe the dog. If you’re sure that the allergy is being caused by something clinging on the fur, you can also wash the dog. Though at this point, you want to stay away from the shampoo. Water works wonders when it comes to dogs and itching.

2. Use Herbs

Another great treatment that you can apply right at the comfort of your home to ease the debilitating effects of itching on your dog are herbs. Nature’s best. Some of the best options that you can use for this include chamomile, rose bark, lavender and peppermint.

3. Other Remedies for Itching

There are other remedies that you can also consider to help with itching. These include Epsom salt or ocean water, changing the dogs diet to include more fats or using cooking oil and preferable olive oil in areas of the skin that have been reddened by the itching. Ground oatmeal is also another great way of mitigating the itching effect and making your dog more comfortable.

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4. Change Diet

Dietary allergies also tend to be very common among dogs. While some might resulting in itching, others do affect the digestive system. The best way to combat such problems is monitor the foods that trigger the allergies and eliminate them from the pet’s diet. In most instances, you can only try and manage the symptoms of such outbreaks, however, you can avoid the outbreak altogether by discontinuing the food in question. If possible, you can try and opt for more natural foods for your pet.

5. Get Rid of Plastic Food Dishes

If the allergies tend to breakout around the face of the dog, you might want to consider changing the plastic food containers. Overtime, such containers develop small cracks that end up being home to bacteria. These bacterial allergens cause dogs and in some instances cats to develop a condition usually referred to as Feline acne or puppy acne. These are pimples around the chin and lips of the pet. Instead of plastic dishes, you can have stainless steel or other options like glass and ceramic dishes that are safe.

6. White Vinegar for Ear Allergies

As a result of allergies that might occur in the dog’s ears, a yeast infection might burst out. How do you know it is a yeast infection? Simple. It is characterized by brown-pink ear wax and a nasty smell emanating from the ears. You might also note the dog shaking its head a lot and trying to scratch and rub the ears. Once you notice these symptoms, it’s time to reach for the white vinegar. All you have to do is try to put a small amount of the vinegar inside the dog’s ear. Vets advice that you use a tipped bottle. It makes the process easier. Once you successfully introduce the vinegar into the ear canal of the dog, gently massage it then use a cotton ball to wipe the outer ear. Never use a Q-tip.

7. Plain Yogurt

Yogurt is not only a great treat for your dog but the good bacteria it contains can help alleviate allergies restricted to the gut as a result of allergic reactions to diet. Yoghurt also helps to fight off other types of harmful bacteria that might attack the dog and is also a good combatant of yeast infection. Not only do you help your dog feel better, you also give it a treat in the process. All you have to do is let it have some yogurt a couple of times a day when you notice things are not right and it should get right back up.

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8. Invest in An Air Purifier

If you notice that your dog is constantly having allergic outbreak all year round, you might have a foreign host that triggers the allergies. One of the most efficient home remedies for dogs with allergies in such a case is an air purifier. It will get rid of bacteria and other microorganisms that might be causing discomfort to your pet. The air purifier will also bring added benefits to your health as well.

9. Focus on Cleanliness

Yes, the dog might love getting in the mud, rolling around in the sand and grass and making a mess out of everything. But that does not mean it loves it dirt. Some allergic reactions might be caused by the surrounding or things stuck in the fur. By focusing on cleanliness, you allow the skin of the dog to breathe and you scatter breeding grounds for ticks and fleas which might also cause itching on the dog.

Understanding and being able to alleviate the discomfort of your pet is a great relief to any pet owner. Having to take the dog to a vet might cost you a fortune but with these home remedies will save you from having to spend and give your pet better quality life. Which is exactly what you want. A happy, playful and loving bundle of joy running rings around your feet in enthusiasm. It is every dog owner’s dream. These nine home remedies for dogs with allergies will allow you achieve that dream while taking care of your pet and your pocket at the same time.

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