How Do Flea Collars Work?

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How do flea collar works

Getting attacked by flea is very common scenario for pets. This is one of the major concerns for pet’s parents. This is why we use flea collars to protect our pet from fleas and it really helps. This is mainly used for preventing the infestation not for curing. Before using it you should know how flea collar actually works. So let’s see how it works.

How Flea Collar works:

Flea collar is really a very easy solution to prevent fleas. It provides an easy way to release the ingredients to kill or repel fleas.

There are two types of flea collar.

Repelling: This type of collar deputizes a gas that repels flea from your pet. Some of these provide continuous coverage of your pet’s body.

Treating: This type of collar has medications which filter through the fat layer of the dog’s skin. Sometimes it spread the active ingredients using the natural oil of dog’s skin. Fleas got killed easily by the active ingredients which emitted slowly from the collar over your dog’s skin. This process will be running until the collar needs to be replaced. Remember one thing, you must apply the collar according to the instruction and the collar needs to be fit properly on your pet.

Nowadays technology is getting advanced that’s why you will get better quality flea collars for your pet. Some collars works as both repellent and treatment which will be the perfect protection for your pet from fleas. And I will suggest you to check other pet parents review on the product you want to buy. It will help you to be sure  that the collar will work properly.

Properly fit the collar:

To get the most effectiveness from the flea collar, it needs to be fit properly on your pet’s neck. It is the easiest way to prevent flea from your pets. Visit Recommended the best flea collar for dogs & Cats. Always remind some tips to get the best output from it.

  1. Properly fit the collar. Check the product level for being specific.
  2. Don’t let your pet bite or chew the leftover of the collar.
  3. Check the fitting regularly specially for the pets who are growing.
  4. Replace the collar time to time as it will be instructed on the label of the product.

Benefits of Flea collars:

You should chose flea collars for some very good reasons.

  1. It is very easy to apply
  2. It is very much efficient to prevent fleas and also ticks from your pet.
  3. You can use the collar for 6-8months depends on its validity which is very much economical than the spot-on or any other medications.

Avoid some ingredients:

Flea collars are made using many types of ingredient. But you need to avoid one thing which is TETRACHLORVINPHOS (TCVP). If any collar contains this ingredient, avoid this because recently scientist discovers that it is dangerous for both pets and human. Though it is a very effective pest killer but also it is a human carcinogen.

Difference between Dog Fleas and Cat Fleas:

Fleas of your dog and cat are not the same. They are different.

The dog fleas are known as Ctenocephalides canis, which is a pest that lives on the outside body of their host and feeds primarily on mammals. But not always we get this kind of fleas in our dog’s body. Sometimes they also got attacked by cat fleas.

On the other hand cat fleas are known as Ctenocephalides felis which is the most common flea on both dogs and cats. Though the two species are similar in nature but they have some differences.

The head of cat flea is longer in shape and its hind legs have six notches. On the other side the dog flea has eight notches. But one thing is common that both of dog and cat fleas have the ability to transmit other parasites and diseases on your pet. You also have to be concern about one thing which is tapeworm. If your dog or cat ingests an infected flea, the tapeworm can be developed in your pet’s innards.

IS There Any Difference between Cat and Dog Flea Collar??

You must have to keep in mind before buying flea collars for your pet that dog flea collars and cat flea collars are not the same. And never try to think that you can use it interchangeably. It can be deadly affected to your cat if you put a dog flea collar to it. The toxicity from insecticides is determined by the weight of the animal. So it will be dangerous.

Dogs have the capability to absorb a certain level of chemicals to their body and their body can break them successfully. But as cats are smaller than dog, their body cannot take that level of chemical and cannot effectively break down some of the chemical that fast. This could cost fatal reaction which will be very dangerous for your pet. So before purchasing flea collar for your pet, always read the label of the product to make sure that it is perfectly designed for your pet and obviously best suited for their weight. And another thing you must care for you that always follow every instruction including washing your hands which is given on the product label after touching any flea collar.       

So these things you should have known before you apply a flea collar to your pet for making the best use of it without causing any harm to your pet. Flea collars are really very effective for your pet to rescue them from the sufferings of flea.  

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