How To Support Stray Dogs In Your Local Area

When it comes to the dogs we own, we love to pamper and spoil them. But if you are an animal lover, you don’t just want to stop there. You also want to help pups who are out on the street. 

But what can you do to assist these strays? It turns out that there are actually quite a lot of things you can try. Here are some options if you have a big heart. 

Rescue Them

The most obvious option is to rescue them. If you have space and resources, taking in a stray can improve their quality of life massively and help them return to being happy and healthy dogs. 

Most strays don’t have good lives. That’s because dogs aren’t adapted to living in the wild. They rely on people to feed and house them, providing love and service in return. 

As such, you often find strays are thin and dealing with disease (unlike wolves which can do quite well by themselves). Most dogs don’t last much longer than a few months by themselves, which is why acting as soon as you can is so important. 

If you decide to rescue a dog, get the local pound to capture them and then take them to the vet for treatment and a full checkup. After that, take them home in a box and get them used to interacting with you. After just a few hours, they should warm to you and understand that you are now offering them a home. 

Join A Spay Program

Another way to help pets in your area is to join a spay program. These prevent stray dogs from breeding, preventing new generations of homeless animals from being born. 

Some organizations sell pet license plates, with money going towards various spay or neuter programs. Just a small donation can often provide the money needed to remove the reproductive capacity of most animals rapidly. 

Once strays can no longer breed, it helps to control the problem and ensure that it doesn’t get out of control. 

Advocate For Stronger Welfare Laws

How To Support Stray Dogs In Your Local Area

You can also help stray dogs in your area by advocating for stricter animal welfare laws. Currently, many states allow pet owners to act with impunity and escape punishment, even if they treat their animals extremely poorly. As someone who cares about these beings, you could lobby against that, encouraging local governments to take the matter more seriously. 

There are numerous ways authorities and individuals could improve stray dogs’ lives. For instance, they could pass stronger laws to protect them from harm or prosecute their owners. 

Volunteer At A Shelter

Another way to support stray dogs is to volunteer at the local animal shelter. These usually have spots for people who want to help with things like cleaning out kennels or taking food to dogs. 

Share Information On Social Media

Finally, you can use social media as a platform to share information about strays. Tracking the problem in your area can improve awareness and get people to take corrective action. 

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