How To Tell If Your Dog Loves You

how to tell if your dog loves you

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Dogs are important in our lives in that they do so much for us. For instance, they keep us safe, transport us, guide us, and most importantly, they love us. But wait; dogs don’t speak, and this brings us to the question of how to tell if your dog loves you. Is it by wagging her tail or by knocking you down with his enthusiasm? We shall explore 12 ways in which you can tell if your dog loves you.

If your dog does the following, then he/she loves you:

1. Crying with enthusiasm when you get home. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been gone; a dog that loves you produces that enthusiastic cry when you arrive home, as a sign of relief and happiness.

2. Licking your face. Some people may see it as gross and unhygienic, but it’s sweet. A dog that loves you will lick your face even when you’re all sweaty.

3. Jumping on you, sometimes slamming his full body onto you. It may seem a little scary but don’t freak out; that jump proves how much he/she loves you.

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4. Taking your inner undergarments to bed with them. According to, dogs are very sensitive to the scent of someone they love. In fact, they love your smell as much as you love the perfume of someone you love deeply. Therefore, you may notice your dog taking your garment to bed with them, just to have the feeling of you near them (through the scent in your clothes).

5. Pushing your partner out of your bed. When your dog does this, he’s probably wondering, “Who’s this person trying to take my love away?” This is probably a sign of a little jealousy; because your dog loves you.

6. Chasing the ball when you throw it. According to, dogs are quite intelligent. In this regard, they are capable of learning many of the things you teach them, for instance chasing the ball. However, this doesn’t mean that they like most of the things you want them to do. For example, you may keep throwing that ball in the park, and your dog may keep running after it. It’s probably not because he cares for that rubber ball, but rather because he wants to please you; because he loves you and doesn’t want to disappoint you.

7. Waking you up. Wolf has probably been staring at the clock all night, waiting for the right moment to wake you up so you can get to work on time. On the other hand, he may have missed your lovely smile so much that he can’t wait for you to get up. Whatever the case, it’s a cool way to show you that he loves you.

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how to tell if your dog loves you

8. Sitting on your lap. Have you been wondering how to tell if your dog loves you? Sitting on your love is one of the surest indications that they do. Whether you’re at a dinner party, working, reading a book or watching the TV, your dog may come and sit gently on your lap. It doesn’t mean she wants to bother you; it only means that she loves you.

9. Keeping you safe. When a stranger comes to your home, Scooby might bark fiercely at them, especially if he senses something weird about the stranger. He does this, possibly not to protect himself, but to protect you from any potential harm; this is a clear sign of love.

10. Letting you cry on them. Have you experienced a sour relationship? If your dog loves you, he/she may let you empty all those tears onto his/her warm fur. At the same time, he/she may be licking your face in an attempt to comfort you.

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how to tell if your dog loves you

11. Trying to comfort you when you’re under the weather. Whether you’re suffering from a hangover or you’re just ill, your dog may come and lie down next to you or even try some cuddling to show you that you’re not alone.

12. Trying to please you even when they’re unwell. A dog that loves you makes it his/her full-time business to satisfy you. It’s not that he must do it, but he/she does it anyway, even when they’re ill. He/she may be lying down, probably unable to move, but still, tries to wag his/her tail when you arrive home.

Final verdict

There are many other things that your dog may do to prove they love you. According to, dogs show you more love than any other animals; even more than cats. For instance, your dog may follow you anywhere you go; this is a clear sign of love. Do you know how to tell if your dog loves you in any other ways? Feel free to share with us. You can also check out how to know if your dog is happy.

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