Is There Any Way To Get Rid Of That Doggy Smell?

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Dogs do have a rather distinct smell. Some people love because it reminds them of the pet pooch they love. Others hate it, and that smell might even put you off owning a dog completely. But is there anything you can do about that odor that seems to follow your dog around and what causes it anyway. Let’s look at some of the reasons why your dog might be stinking up the place and what you can do to fix it.

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Are You Washing Your Dog?

Obviously, this is the easiest solution. You need to think about giving your dog a good bath. Depending on your pup, you may want to wash your dog more or less regularly. For instance, some dogs have oily skin. These pets need to be washed as much as once a week. For the typical dog, you might want to think about washing them once a month, while short-haired dogs can go without a wash for a lot longer.

Should you use soap? Obviously, soap might get rid of a smell, but be careful. Soap can dry out a dog’s skin leaving them uncomfortable and itchy. You shouldn’t use soap on your dog more than about once a month. Obviously, this can be a problem, but you can get substances especially for washing dogs when you can’t soak them in soap.

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Some people avoid washing their dog because they don’t have the facility to do so. You can’t exactly put your dog in your shower. Dog grooming services can be the answer here, providing a professional cleaning service that does the trick.

Doggy Breath

You might find that your dog smells up the place because it has bad breath. This can occur for various reasons. You need to brush your dog’s teeth regularly or make sure he gets chew sticks that help clean them for you. As well as this, be careful of diet. Human food probably won’t agree with your pooch, and you should think about this before letting them clean your dinner plate.

Ideally, you want to keep your pet on a diet that has been approved by vets. Particularly, if you want to avoid some nasty breath. Of course, a poor diet for your dog can also bring another smelly issue.

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A Windy Puppy

If your dog constantly has gas, this can again be a sign that something is up with their diet. However, it can also be a sign of a more serious issue. This is particularly true if you notice a change in your pups behavior. For instance, they constantly seem lethargic, then you may want to consider taking a trip to vet.

So, we’ve looked at some of the causes of the smell, but what are the solutions? Well, you can try air fresheners around the home, and there are even dog sprays. However, do make sure that the spray is okay for your dog’s skin before you use it.

We hope this helps you solve the problem of your dog’s smell. But remember, the way your pooch smells is part of who he is, and you just might miss it once you’ve covered it up.

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