The Best Living Space For A New Puppy

the best living space for a new puppy

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Have you got a new puppy on your hands? Maybe you’re looking to bring home a four legged bundle of joy and you’re not sure if your space is quite right? Either way, there’s some things you’re going to have to do to make sure your home is safe and happy for your puppy to live in. Don’t worry, it’s not as grueling a task as it sounds!

Dogs present all kinds of trouble and challenging situations, which can vary depending on how old they are, but one of the main things people worry about is how to get a puppy to adjust to their new home. Maybe you’ve just adopted from a center and have some professional advice on hand, or you’ve brought home a puppy from a friend’s dog; either way, there’s a few general guidelines to help you out! And below are a few of the best for your consumption.  

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the best living space for a new puppy

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Eliminate Easy Hazards

Just like you would for a toddler! Get down to floor level and have a quick scan around all your rooms to make sure there’s nothing your new puppy could get tangled up in, trip over, or get their collar caught on. It’s a simple safe procedure, and it’s going to prevent you from unnecessarily panicking later on.

So now’s the time to cover up those wires behind the TV and make sure there’s no plugs poor puppy feet can catch on. It’d also be a good idea to check for runners in your carpet, as they can easily catch on your puppy’s claws or collar and rip a nail out/choke your pet if puppy starts to panic. You can run through this pet safety guide if you don’t know where to start, and you can get some pointers over places you might have missed if you’ve already done your sweep.

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Have the Right Food (and water) Bowl

Puppies are incredibly messy, and they have a lot of energy to bounce around with. Because of this, it’s very easy for a puppy to knock their bowl over and spill wet food and water whenever they go to eat and drink. So make sure you have the right food and water bowls for your pet; something weighted and hard to maneuver, and puppy will find a way to make this happen!

You’re also going to want to consider the kind of material the bowl is made out of as well. Metal is probably the best here, as it’s very easy to clean considering the kind of messes your puppy can produce! A metal bowl will also have less allergy problems associated with it, as some dogs can be very sensitive to the common plastic materials in the cheaper bowls.  

Have Plenty of Chew Toys

Puppies are very destructive creatures, and this will continue well on into adulthood, albeit slightly less so. But if you teach your dog from a young age that toys are the only things for destroying and chewing to pieces with their teeth, you’re going to save your furniture, letters, newspapers, and anything else able to be ripped! That’s going to save you a lot of money in the long run, even if filling out the toy box right now proves to be a little expensive…

Make sure you’ve got plenty of variance in toy types as well, as your dog can easily get bored with the same thing over and over, just like a child. If you have plenty of stimulation for their energetic minds, you’re going to have a puppy that settles very nicely down to sleep every evening when you tell them it’s bedtime!

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Ready to Bring Your New Puppy Home?

If you are, do another quick check all around your house right now, and make sure you check the garden as well. Puppies can very easily slip under fences and get out and about when you’re not looking/not fast enough to catch them! You’re going to want to have a secure outdoor area as well as a secure indoor areas; don’t worry, this can be easy to fix up!

Your puppy is going to love living with you, and you’re going to give it plenty of love, care, and attention when you follow some tips like these. And if you have anymore, feel free to share them! There’s always a behavior tactic or training method we haven’t thought of on our own!

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