The Top 7 Most Adorable Dog Bandanas Ever

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Dogs deserve to be as stylish as their ‘hoomans’ and one of the easy ways to dress them up is by putting on a bandana. They look cool on your dog but you might be wondering, are there benefits in using them for your pooch?

Bandanas can protect your pet from sunburn. They can also catch hair, which is helpful if you have an allergy to pet hair. When your dog seems anxious and stressed, you can spritz pheromone spray on the bandana to calm him down. This product usually has a soothing effect due to the contained canine calming pheromone.

Dr. Marty Becker of Vetstreet noted that it can serve as an alternative to pet vest or anxiety wrap during stressful situations.

Your buddy is about to be the envy of the dog park with these stylish dog bandanas we found online:

Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana 4 Pack – Cotton Bandanas

If you find plaid bandanas cute, this one might just be the product you are looking for. This one is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, which makes it perfect for daily wear because it’s comfortable, durable, and easy to wash.

Odi Style’s bandanas come in a range of combination colors and can fit from small to large dogs. If you have a pup, simply fold the top down an inch until you get your desired length before tying around your dog’s neck.

It has a stitched type and shape, finished with an overlock hem and traditional triangle tie on bandana. It will not make your pet feel like there is an unnecessary bulk around his neck because this “neckerchief” only comes in a single layer. This increases its breathability and comfort.

Segarty Dog Bandanas

This four-pack bandana is made of 100% linen cotton that is absorbent and machine-washable and dryable. One size fits most dogs, from small to large. It comes in a unique plaid design that can be worn not just during photoshoots and occasions but also for everyday wear.

To have a triangular scarf, simply fold the bandana in half and tie the adjacent corners.

In addition to bandanas, Segarty has a range of pet accessories including bows, ties, neckties, and dual doggie walkers. Linen cotton is also breathable and comfortable to wear because it is made of natural fibers.

Invlab Dog Bandanas

If you want a super absorbent bandana, go for Invlab’s reversible plaid printing kerchief for dogs and cats. Comes in a pack of 4, with the two having the same design so you and your dog can wear the same one, which brings more fun!

The front and back of dog bandana have different classy grid patterns and both sides can be worn, which makes your pet lovely. It features a stitched edge for long wear, soft hand feeling for comfort, and machine washable for easy clean.

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Lucy & Co. Dog Bandana

Any dog will look effortlessly stylish with Lucy & Co’s Ollie bandana featuring a blue and gold floral pattern. It’s a bit more expensive than the other ones here but this is easy to understand since this one is designer quality.

This limited edition handmade bandana is made of 100% cotton that is not only comfortable but also breathable. Aside from floral patterns, Lucy & Co. also has plaid, paisey, and seersucker styles.

BINGPET 5 Pcs Plaid Dog Bandanas

These bandanas are made of high-quality soft cotton which will make your four-legged friends feel comfortable.

It will be a surprise to send this scarf set to your dogs or your friends who own lovely dogs because it comes in various styles that will make any pet look more lovely and adorable. The double-sided pattern provide different choices for you to style your dog.

THE J Dog Scarfs

This three-piece bandana set is perfect for small to large dogs. It’s nothing like most of the bandanas you can find on pet stores online, because it comes in a trendy and unique design. So imagine the envy you and your pet will get as you go outside sporting this bandana. It comes in three different colors that will make your pooch fashionable and cute in every occasion.

Tail Trends Dog Bandanas

Your buddy will look dashing in these assorted bandanas that come in fun prints and great embroidery. The style is definitely going to make any pup ultra cool. This designer handmade bandana is made of 100% cotton fabric to provide a comfy, stylish, tie on bandana. The stitched edge makes it ideal for longer wear and easy to wash.

It’s ideal for medium breeds like Beagle, German Spitz, and Lhasa Apso. It will also fit large dogs such as Saint Bernards, German Shepherds, and Siberian Huskies.

What to Look for in Dog Bandanas

  • Comfortable fabric – cotton and polyester are among the most comfortable fabrics out there. Some bandanas are made of 50-percent polyester and 50-percent cotton. Bandanas made of 100% cotton may feel heavier than polyester blend but they are still softer and gentler on the skin.
  • Machine-washable – bandanas made with polyester are easy to clean because they wick moisture and dry quickly.
  • Great fit – it’s recommended that you measure your dog’s neck first before making the final purchase decision. Although dog bandanas are not as expensive as other pet accessories, it will still be a waste of time and money if you purchased one that will not fit your dog.
  • Assorted Designs – if you want the most stylish bandanas, go for handmade designer dog bandanas. You can also find some in embroidered and minimalist designs.


Bandanas are not just created to give your pooch a little fashion flair. You might find it weird but your vet may actually recommend putting on a bandana where you can spray calming pheromones. This will help calm your dog on stressful situations, including trips to the vet, being home alone, or during fireworks and storms.

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