The Top 8 Cutest Dog Sweaters To Make Your Pup The Talk of the Town

Top 8 Cutest Dog Sweaters To Make Your Pup The Talk of the Town

Going out with your dog?

Turn heads and make your little darling the talk of the town with cute sweaters!

These garments are not just stylish. They also keep your pet comfortable and warm especially if you live in a place where it can get extremely cold. The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends putting on sweaters or coats if your pet seems bothered by the cold weather.

Just make sure they are completely dry because wet sweater can make the dog colder. 

Short-haired breeds, like Chihuahuas and Boston Terriers need them especially during the winter months. They are prone to hypothermia because they lose their body heat faster through their skin compared to long-haired breeds.

A dog is at risk for hypothermia if his temperature is below 95 degrees.

Hypothermia is characterized by sudden drop of heart rate and body temperature. Mild hypothermia can be easily treated at home but if it continues, it can lead to several complications.

If you can’t wait to dress up your pooch in cute sweaters, here are our top picks for you:

Best 8 Dog Sweaters for Your Dog

Friends Forever Sherpa and Quilted Winter Vest

Whether you need an outfit for a simple walk outside or a themed party, this one will be a great choice. It’s not just stylish with its faux fur details on the hood. It’s also well-made and easy to put. While you cannot attach a leash while your dog is wearing it, you can simply put the leash on before wearing the coat on since it’s easier that way. You don’t have to worry about the fit, since it comes with a string and a bracket at the back that you can use for adjusting in case it is too big for your dog.

This one is made of acrylic fiber, which is easy to wash and keeps moisture away. While the outer part is water-resistant, the inner part is soft so it makes your dog more comfortable while wearing it. Like most acrylic fabrics, this one can be thrown in the washer but it should be dried flat to prevent damage or stretches. 

Key features:

  • With warm Sherpa lining
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Comes in small to medium size
  • Made of 100% acrylic material
  • Comes in three beautiful colors

Blueberry Pet 2019/2020 New Cozy & Warm Dog Coat

This all-weather poncho impressed us with its urban chic design. It’s so cute you would want to get matching clothes for you so you two can travel in style. Any female dog with a look extra glamorous with its sleek and trendy floral pattern. But if you got a male dog, you can go for the plain ones, with color options like grey and blue. 

In case you are wondering about the material used, it’s made of poly-cotton blend, which is known for its breathability, tear resistance and abrasion resistance. Polyester keeps your fur baby warm since it is pretty good at retaining heat. Cotton, on the other hand, adds to the comfort because it raises the temperature of the body.

Key features: 

  • Made of lightweight material (65% polyester and 35% cotton)
  • Machine-washable 
  • Available in various lengths
  • Comes in nine different colors and designs

Chilly Dog Boyfriend Dog Sweater

This one’s a bit on the high-end, mainly because it’s handknitted and it’s made of wool fabric. Chilly Dog, the manufacturer of this product, is in partnership with Inca Artisans in South American to make hand-knit sweaters that would fit every dog. So by purchasing this item, you’re not only keeping your dog warm and fashionable. You also support these knitters with their livelihood. 

Wool is one of the best fabrics to use during winter since it’s a great thermal insulator. It’s a bit expensive since the raw material for creating them are also a bit pricey. This natural fabric holds moisture well. The only drawback with wool is it can be scratchy so you need to be extra careful in cleaning it. To keep the fabric in its top condition, it’s best to wash it by hand using lukewarm water. You can also roll it up in a towel to remove excess water before laying it flat to dry.

Key features:

  • Available in XX-Small up to XXX-large sizes
  • Made of 100% wool material
  • With big arm holes
  • Handknitted by Quechua knitters

Fabdog Pocket Cable Knit Turtleneck Dog Sweater

Acrylic is a fiber often used for winter clothing mainly because it enhances insulation. It’s a good alternative to wool, which has a natural stretch but can be more time-consuming to wash. Acrylic is man-made but it’s a pretty good choice if you’re a busy pet parent who would rather throw your dog’s outfit in the washer than wash it by hand. 

What we liked about this sweater is it comes in a unique turtleneck design, which makes it extra cozy. It’s the perfect outfit when you are on a breezy walk by the sea or if you want to exercise your buddy at the dog park during the winter months. It comes with a hole for a leash so you don’t have to worry about attaching the leash to the dog’s collar. 

Key features:

  • Super soft knit
  • With harness hole
  • 100% acrylic
  • Machine washable

DJANGO Puffer Dog Jacket and Reversible Cold Weather Dog Coat 

When you want two unique looks for your pet, without buying an extra sweater, go for the reversible ones like this sweater from DJANGO. Sweaters that can be reversed also provides more durability, making them a good choice for adventure-loving dogs. It promises resistance from elements like water, sand, and mud.

Since it’s reversible, you can expect both the interior and outer layer to be comfortable on the dog’s skin. It’s made of 100% long fiber cotton which offers extra insulation and flexibility. It’s easy to get your dog to wear this since it has oversized arm holes and soft cotton lining. 

Key features:

  • Reversible 
  • With leash portal
  • Velcro closure
  • Machine washable
  • Made of a weather-resistant synthetic outer shell
  • With full coverage and windproof protection
  • Available in extra-small to large

Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible British Style Plaid Dog Vest

Want something vintage? Go for plaid prints. This one is reversible, so you can have two looks in one. One side is made of cotton, which makes it soft and comfortable while the other side is waterproof, making it perfect for walks on rainy and snowy days. It is specially created for cold winter because it’s made of thick polyester fiber.

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It is made with velcro closing on the neck, which makes it easy to adjust for your dog’s comfort. Aside from the velcro on the neck, it also comes with velcro on the side which adjusts to your pet’s girth. You can put a harness over it because it comes with a hole in the neck area for hooking the leash to the collar. 

Key features:

  • Comes in XXS-4XL
  • Lightweight
  • Warm fleece lining
  • Filled with polyester fiber
  • Water- repellent and windproof
  • Available in six colors and nine sizes

Canada Pooch Northern Knit Fleece-Lined Dog Sweater

Canada Pooch specializes in cold-weather gear and this super soft sweater is just one of the many products they offer. They make beautiful ponchos, rainwear, and hats to keep your pooch warm. This one features a zippered neck closure instead of the typical velcro used in most dog sweaters. While velcros are easier to put on, they can also tear off when a dog gets caught on something. You don’t have to worry about the zipper getting on your pet’s fur since it comes with an inner fur protector. It comes in only two colors, though: salt/pepper and maroon. 

Key features:

  • With functional zip-up pockets for treats or storage
  • Adjustable button closures
  • With leash or harness slit
  • Ribbing on the neck and sleeves provide a snug fit
  • Fleece-lined 

Stock Show Pet Dog Summer Vest

Most dog sweaters are made of thick fabrics, which makes them ideal for cold climates. But if you are looking for a sweater for your dog that can protect him from the wind during spring or autumn, this one’s worth checking out since it’s only made of cotton. It also keeps your dog’s coat from becoming dirty during a walk at the park during summer. Since this one is not thick enough, it can be used even for dogs with a bit of fur, just to serve as their protection from the elements. 

This sweater from Stock Show, with its cute banana print, is also among the budget-friendly options out there. It also comes in other designs and colors you will love. Because it is made of 100% cotton, it’s breathable and soft so it will make your dog feel snuggly while he’s wearing it. While cotton is machine-washable, it’s best to wash it by hand using cold water because cotton is prone to shrinkage especially after the first wash. 

Key features:

  • Made of high quality 100% cotton
  • Can be used in any weather
  • Available in small to large
  • Offers wind and sun protection
  • Cute patterns: banana, bears, elephants, lemons, and lions

Tips in Choosing Dog Sweaters

  • Measure first.

Sweaters that are too small can be uncomfortable for your pet and can even make your pooch feel trapped than cozy, while sweaters that are too big will make your pooch look like he is wearing a skirt. Get the right size by measuring your pet from the base of his neck to the base of his tail. You should see the apparel size information on the seller’s website or online store. Make sure to consult the seller before placing an order so you will get the perfect size for your pet.

  • Check reviews online.

A sweater might be too cute with its beautiful print and color, but was it made of quality fabric? Will it make your pet comfortable? It matters that the sweater makes it easy for your pooch to move freely while using it. You may ask previous buyers if the sizing runs too small or if it is easy to put on. Another important feature you would want to check is the hole for the leash which should be located on the back. Also, it should allow your dog to go to the bathroom with no problems while wearing the vest. 

  • Consider your dog’s breed and size.

One of the important things to consider when buying sweaters is the breed of your dog. Does it have a thin coat that makes it difficult for the dog to fare well in colder climates? A Jack Russell Terrier, for instance, is one of the breeds that is sensitive to cold weather because of its short coat. On the other hand, you might want to think twice before buying a sweater if you have a dog with lots of fur. Siberian Huskies can handle up to -60 degrees since they were made to be resilient in cold temperatures. 

  • Read about different fabrics and get to know their pros and cons.

Wool, polyester, and acrylic are the common fibers used for winter wear. Wool contains lanolin which makes it water-resistant. But it’s more expensive than synthetic fibers like polyester and acrylic. Polyester is good for winter but it’s only useful in dry cold and not in snow and heavy rain. While it’s warm-wearing, polyester is non-absorbent so it might make your pet’s bottom a bit wet after a 30-minute walk in the snow. While some fabrics are useful during spring and fall, some may not be warm enough for cold winters. 

  • Consider the length of use.

You might not need a doggie sweater if you’re planning to go out with your pooch for less than 10 minutes. But if you’re taking him on a walk for around 30 minutes and it’s too cold outside, you might want to invest in a sweater with thick fabric. It’s not a bad idea to leave the coat all day, as long as your pet is well-attended and it’s not too fit to leave your dog uncomfortable. 


A dog sweater is a must-have if you live in a cold climate and if your dog has short coat. As with humans, our furry little friends can suffer from hypothermia when it gets too cold. Do note, however, that some dogs do not like wearing clothes so it might take awhile before convincing your dog that he needs to put on that sweater. Sweaters are not just functional. They also come in various colors and prints that will make dressing up more fun for you and your pooch!

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