Top 8 Dog Strollers When Deciding Which One Is Best For Your Pup

Top 8 Dog Strollers When Deciding Which One Is Best For Your Pup

Have you ever looked at a dog on a stroller and said, “Wow, this doggy is a spoiled one!” Admit it, you once taught a stroller for animals is a laughable invention and it’s perhaps the last thing you would buy for your own pet. 

But before assuming pets on strollers are being babied or pampered too much, you might want to know all the reasons why it’s actually a good idea to invest in doggie strollers. There are a few benefits in using strollers for pets and here are some:

It allows stress-free travel.

Are you torn between a stroller and a carrier? Carriers are more affordable than strollers but they can be hard on the back. If you are the type of person who likes wandering around and love bringing your dog wherever you go, a stroller is a great buy. 

There are strollers that are lightweight and can be easily folded so you can bring them along during travels minus the hassle. Most strollers these days are also made of easy-to-wash fabrics so you will not have to worry about cleaning the gear and preparing it for next time’s use. 

In case you are worried about your pooch escaping on your car especially during vet visits, it will be safe to put him on a stroller. If your dog is likely to jump out of his stroller, look for one that comes with a net cover for extra security. 

It offers comfort for senior or sick dogs.

If you have a senior dog with mobility issues, you can help him get out again by putting him on his stroller. It’s also a must-have product for disabled dogs. Arthritis is the most common reason why dogs can no longer walk. Symptoms of canine arthritis include reluctance to move around and difficulty getting up. 

Strollers also allow easy transport for dogs post-surgery. Your vet might require taking the dog on a short leash walks two weeks after the operation. But if you think your pet still does not have the energy even for a short walk, putting him on a stroller is a much better idea. 

It keeps you in shape while your dog gets to relax. 

Certain breeds, like Chow Chows, Basset Hounds, and Bull Mastiffs require the least amount of exercise because they are low-energy dogs. Although they need exercise and play on a regular basis, their physical activity should be limited. 

If you like walking with your pooch, but want to exercise a few minutes more, you can simply put him in the stroller. 

It protects your dog’s paws.

Your dog’s paws can put up with pressure since it is made of a specialized type of skin. However, that does not mean your dog can’t suffer from burns after a few minutes contact with the hot pavement. Your dog’s paws can easily burn especially if it’s searingly hot outside. The problem is that most pet parents do not realize they are already exposing their pet to hot pavements that eventually causes burns and distress for the dog. 

“A good rule of thumb is if the pavement is too hot for your hand, it’s too hot for your dogs’ pads,” Medical Lake Veterinary Hospital shared in a Facebook post, with a photo of Olaf, a dog who suffered from burned paws after joining its owner on a mile-long mountain biking trail. 

Like Olaf’s owners, many pet parents had no idea about their dog’s pain until they started noticing bloody paw prints on the sidewalk. The burn can be too bad that the pads can be completely gone, exposing your buddy’s raw muscle. 

Top 8 Strollers for Dogs

BestPet 3 Wheels Stroller

This three-wheel stroller from BestPet topped our list because it’s made of durable materials and it’s lightweight at only 13 pounds. It’s ideal, though, if you have a small or medium-sized breed since it can only hold 30 pounds at maximum. Strollers with three wheels are just as good as those with four wheels but there are reviews that they are easier to maneuver compared to the traditional four-wheelers. 

The hooded peak top window gives this stroller a humanized design. It’s perfect for a day out with your buddy since it offers plenty of storage spaces for your belongings like keys, water bottle, and your dog’s treats. The inner part comes with a soft and cozy mattress that will guarantee your pet’s comfort. 

Key features:

  • Made of water-resistant Oxford cloth
  • Lightweight and collapsible
  • Comes with rear brakes and safety tether
  • With cup holder for your own water bottle
  • With durable mesh that keeps insects out

HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty Dog/Cat/Pet Stroller 

If you don’t mind splurging for a high-quality stroller, this one’s perfect for you. What makes it stand out from the rest is the one-hand simple mechanism that can quickly fold and unfold it in seconds. It’s constructed using stainless steel tubes and aluminum alloys so it’s durable.

When you’re the type who takes your buddy with you when shopping then this one’s a pretty good investment. Aside from a bottle holder, it’s equipped with a large under-basket and three smaller accessory bags. The suspension system of this stroller can absorb vibration up to 90-percent, which is said to be better than other strollers of the same category.

Key features:

  • Premium human-grade suspension system
  • Breathable mesh top cover
  • 360-degree rotating front wheels
  • With rear braking system
  • Convertible compartment
  • Zipperless entry
  • Made of high-density odorless and UV-reflective material

Pet Gear Happy Trails Lite No-Zip Pet Stroller in Boysenberry

This one boasts a no-zip feature, which is considered one of the most innovative features of strollers these days. The no-zip feature offers an easy-locking latch instead of a zippered closure. This means you can put your dog inside without the hassle. You will not need to fumble with zippers if you want to gain access to your pet.

Since it’s easy to put the dog inside, it is suitable for pets post-surgery or sick animals. A stroller can be a big relief for dogs suffering from arthritis since they can hardly walk due to joint pains.

The oversized storage below offers plenty of room for your own belongings. It’s nice to carry around not just while getting around the city but also while shopping with your pooch. You can have the peace of mind that your pooch will be safely contained in his strollers since it’s made of a sturdy metal frame and a weather-resistant canopy. Since this one’s made of durable materials, you can guarantee this one will last. 

Key features:

  • Panoramic view window
  • No-zip entry
  • Large 6″ wheels for easier strolling
  • Can fit up to 25 lbs
  • Comes in several colors
  • With front shock absorbers
  • With parent tray and cup holders

Ibiyaya Double Dog Stroller for Large Dogs

If you are looking for a stroller that can fit large breeds like Alaskan Malamutes and Bulldogs, this one’s your best bet! It can carry dogs weighing up to 77 pounds. Because it’s on the heavy-duty side, you can use it for transporting not just one but two or multiple pets. It’s worth buying if you have lots of furry friends at home! This one comes with a collapsible and convertible canopy, which lets your pet see from both the front and the back.

The wheels are made of EVA foam, which offers less traction than air tires. While EVA tires are lightweight, they are capable of going through paved surfaces and they offer better flexibility.

Key features:

  • 4-wheel with suspension
  • Aluminum frame
  • With collapsible canopy
  • Built with a spacious carriage
  • Two safety leashes included
  • Made of maintenance-free EVA wheels

Paws & Pals 4 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller Cat/Dog Easy Walk Folding Travel Carrier

This stroller from Paws & Pals is well-made and easy to assemble. It offers plenty of room for your pooch so he can move around comfortably. It’s super lightweight but can carry medium-sized pets up to 20 pounds. 

Unlike most pet strollers, this one does not only have one bottle holder. This one got two, so you can use one for you and the other one for your pet’s bottle. The hooded peak top window allows your pooch to see the surroundings really well, while he gets to enjoy proper ventilation.  

Besides having enough room for your pet, it also has spacious undercarriage storage where you can put your dog’s toys, treats, and supplies. Although it comes in an onyx black color, it is made with mesh screen windows to keep bugs away and to allow easy ventilation. 

Key features:

  • 2 cup holders
  • Rear security brakes
  • Hooded peak top window
  • Retractable waterproof rain hood
  • With ventilation mesh screen windows
  • Large undercarriage storage 

Gen7Pets Promenade Pet Stroller

The problem with most strollers is that they are a bit difficult to push, which makes them uncomfortable to use. This is where Gen7Pets’ product differs from the rest. The stroller comes with an ergonomic handle which provides more kick space when you push it. 

This one’s worth the purchase if you are looking for a sturdy and comfortable gear for your pet. It has plenty of room inside and it can accommodate pets up to 50 pounds so you can use it for transporting a litter of pups! It can fit two medium-sized dogs since it has two interior tethers for two pets. If you are looking for strollers with extra storage areas for your bottle, keys, or dog toys, then this might be the one you are looking for. It comes in three different designs: black onyx, gold nugget, and cheetah or animal print. 

Key features:

  • Basket comes with a rear zipper for securing belongings
  • With several storage areas 
  • Lightweight at only 16 pounds
  • Recommended for up to 50 lbs of weight
  • Comes with smart-reach handle for long walks
  • Collapsible smart canopy

TOGfit Pet Roadster – Luxury Pet Stroller for Puppy, Senior Dog or Cat 

This stroller won the Toys, Tots, Pets & More (TTPM) Pet Products Gear Award in 2018 because it promises to increase the quality of life of our furry little friends. While it can be used for any pet, it’s very useful for sick or injured pets because it comes with a soft and cozy mattress. In case you are worried about the mattress getting soiled, you can actually remove it and wash it. 

What we liked most about this stroller is its roomy entrance on the backside so your pooch can get inside the pet stroller easily. It is made for people of any height because the handle is height-adjustable. 

The tires are made of EVA wheels, which is known for its rubber-like softness. These kinds of wheels are lightweight and you can expect to have a smooth ride since it has a suspension on rear wheels.  

Key features:

  • 10” lockable front wheel
  • 12” removable rear wheels
  • Made of 100% polyester material
  • With 2 eyelets for dog leash-fixing
  • Sturdy tubular and powder-coated steel frame
  • With large storage basket for extra space
  • Height-adjustable slider
  • EVA wheels

Petique All Terrain Jogger-Blazin’ Berry Pet Stroller

This one’s a bit on the high-end but comes with many great features, like the adjustable handle, three adjustable leashes for safety, and the one-step dual wheel braking system. It can carry up to 60 pounds or medium to large-sized breeds like Clumber Spaniels, Irish Setters, and Boxers. 

The large tires are equipped with great shock absorption and traction, to ensure your pooch will have a smooth ride. It comes with accented reflectors located around the jogger, which makes it easy for anyone to spot your pet even at night. This feature is a must-have for pet parents who like walking or jogging their dogs at night. If you like strolling at night, it’s important to make yourself extra visible especially when you pass across many intersections or if you live in the avenues where vehicles speed up. 

It’s compact and lightweight so you can pack it up minus the hassle, making it the perfect addition to any road trip. It can be folded flat for easy travel. After a day of adventure, you can pop out the wheels on the jogger for easy storage or remove the fabric if you want to wash it. 

Key features:

  • 9” front tires; 15” rear tires
  • With foam handle for comfort
  • Two large pockets for phones, water, or snacks
  • Optional bike adapter included
  • Comes with rain cover
  • One Step dual wheel braking system
  • Large bike tires for shock absorption
  • Easy-wash removable fabric 
  • Tire pump included

What to Consider in Choosing Strollers

  • Quick-fold – it matters to get one that is easy to fold, so you will not end up fumbling around after using the stroller. The ease of assembly is another thing to consider, so read reviews first to know if the one you’re buying can be assembled in just minutes.
  • Portability – most strollers these days are lightweight, so you can easily carry them around during travels. If you have a small dog, it’s worth getting the lighter ones.
  • Covers – does the stroller offer protection from the weather? Buy one that comes with cover both on the front and at the back. Covers also keeps your dog safe, especially if he is the type to jump out while you are getting around.
  • Performance – basically, you want something that can give your pooch a smooth ride even over rough terrains. If you are planning to bring your dog with you while jogging, consider one that can withstand wear and tear or those that can go through uneven surfaces.
  • Wheels – You might want to consider the tires used, if it’s EVA foam or air tiles. The kinds of wheels used for your stroller are important since they affect your ability to maneuver.
  • Price – there are budget-friendly strollers that cost less than $70. But if you want better features or bigger capacity, expect to fork out $250 or more. 
  • Maximum carrying capacity – most strollers these days are lightweight and while they are durable enough, they can only fit a certain weight. If your pooch is quite heavy, you might want to invest in strollers made for large and giant breeds.


Traveling with a dog is a lot easier with a stroller. But they are not a cheap expense so you might want to read reviews first before making a purchasing decision. When choosing one for your dog, go for those with all the right features for him. Price is one big factor in choosing a stroller for your dog but there are also a few more things to keep in mind, like the product’s durability and the kinds of materials used.

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