6 Ways To Get Your Dog to Trust You

ways to get your dog to trust you

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Do you recall the memory of stepping in front of a dog to expect affection, yet they run away? In their eyes, you are a total stranger until they know that they can trust you. We’re much bigger than the average dog so the wrong approach can be frightening. Too much energy and they can shy away and even growl or bark at us. This is very important to understand and with that, here are some ways to get your dog to trust you.

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Stay Completely Calm

First off, when approaching any dog for the first time, you need to remain calm. This can be a tough. You see the cutest dog and they look so happy, excited and they seem to be welcoming. On second thought, they don’t if you approach them improperly. We need to come in peacefully and once you have earned their trust, we can gradually pick up our energy.

Let Dogs Come To You And Accept You

Next on the list, as far as ways to get your dog to trust you, is to not approach dogs, but simply let them come to you.  According to https://www.cesarsway.com/dog-psychology/pack-leader/how-to-get-a-dog-to-trust-you there are two hints that a dog gives when they are showing that they accept and trust you. The first is if they sit calmly by your side and allow you to pet them. The second is when they lick your hand after you extend it towards them. However, dogs can be dismissive if they don’t like your particular energy field.  Don’t take it personal and it does not mean permanent dismissal. Depending on the dog, it may take some time for them to warm up to you.

Give The Shy Dogs Their Space

This, too, can be tough because we all love to pet, cuddle and play with our dogs. If you are still warming up to a new dog, or if your dog is very shy, they will appreciate their space. It may sound harsh, but you almost want it to seem as if you have to ignore them to do this properly. If you put yourself in a dog’s shoes, the entire environment that they’re in is new and they still need time to feel their way around and get comfortable.

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ways to get your dog to trust you

Approach Them On Their Level

The fourth point of ways to get your dog to trust you is to approach them on their level. More specifically, you need to get as low as you can. Maybe even kneel to them. This approach is extremely effective because it’s less intrusive. According to https://www.cesarsway.com/dog-psychology/pack-leader/how-to-get-a-dog-to-trust-you you should never approach dogs from the front or the side standing tall. Again, we are much bigger than dogs and this can be very frightening to them. Approach the right way and you may even find that they’re eager to lick your face and accept you into their space.

ways to get your dog to trust you

Be Nice To Your Dog

There may be times when your dogs will do things that get them in trouble. If they pee or poop on the carpet, which is a big no no, you may be tempted to kick and hit them. Causing harm and pain to your dog is one sure way to lose their trust. From that point forward, you will scare them and they will think twice about letting you in their circle. Please use more humane ways of giving your dogs consequences, rather than causing pain.

ways to get your dog to trust you

Be Fair To All Of Your Dogs

The last of the ways to get your dog to trust you is that you need to be fair. This applies to you especially if you have more than one dog. Dogs are very in tune with their senses and can comprehend situations just as well as humans can. According to: http://chasingdogtales.com/6-simple-ways-to-build-trust-with-your-dog/ fairness is a big deal to dogs. No dog loves less attention than another dog. You don’t want jealousy circulating between dogs in your household.

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And there you have it. 6 ways to get your dog to trust you. As you may know, trust is within the first stage of really bonding with a dog and experiencing their unconditional love on many heights. This stage must be passed before establishing a strong connection. Always keep in mind that you need to be on the same level as a dog and stay as calm as you can. One final tip, always use the back of your hand when attempting to touch and pet a dog. It is much less frightening than using an open hand with intentions to grab.

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