8 Ways To Make Your Dog Happy

ways to make your dog happy

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Dogs are considered man’s best friend for a reason. They simply live to have some fun, protect and offer companionship to their masters. If you form a proper relationship with yours, you are guaranteed of their devoted loyalty and service through their entire life. If you are looking to kill boredom and introduce some thrill and happiness into their lives, here are 8 ways to make your dog happy.

1. New Toys
ways to make your dog happy

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Your dog doesn’t have an 8-5 job so expect him to spend the better part of his day playing and sleeping. Schedule play times with him and incorporate toys. They need the exercise anyway. Playing with the same toy repeatedly is boring so think outside the box. If you have no toys for him at all, invest in a few. If he seems bored of the existing toys that you have for him, keep them all away and bring out one at a time. Let him play with it until it bores him, keep it away and bring out another one.

2. Create Bonding moments
ways to make your dog happy

Creating a good relationship with your dog is important. It enables the two of you to get closer and this enhances his instincts to protect you. When at home, pet him, do tricks with him, sing to him, watch the TV with him and even invite him to bed with you. According to http://www.eukanuba.com/dog-articles/puppy/happy-puppy, this assures him of your love hence making him happy.

3. Take Walks
According to http://iheartdogs.com/10-easy-things-you-can-do-to-make-your-dog-happier/, walking is a good form of exercise for your dog. You too, stand to burn some calories in the process so get going. Walking your dog daily excites him as he gets to experience new things, meet new people and dogs, get some fresh air, and run around. He will be thankful that you do this with him.

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4. Train Him
ways to make your dog happy

Training your dog gives the both of you a chance to relate well. Your dog will get the opportunity to learn his manners, understand & follow rules and behave better. This will enable him to process and understand simple commands. It is a win-win situation for the both of you hence strengthening your relationship. You can hire a private trainer or sign him up for group sessions.

5. Better Health
The greatest gift that you can give your pet is optimal health. According to http://cute.barkpost.com/life/surprising-ways-make-dog-happy/, brushing his teeth often will improve his breath and get rid of food particles. Feed him just enough food as obesity tends to be overly uncomfortable for dogs. Schedule appointments with a vet for his vaccinations and medical checkups. While at it, ask the vet to swap his ears and clip his claws. A healthy dog is a happy dog.

6. Verbal and Physical Praise
Whenever your dog does something good, be sure to praise him. You do not have to wait until this happens, though. You could sometimes do it to reassure him that he indeed is a good dog. Pat his back or head whenever you cross paths with him. Knowing that he is doing a good job motivates and makes him happy.

7. New Treats
Treats are the best way to reward your pet for a job well done. Receiving a tasty and healthy treat to nibble on makes them happy. Just like humans, they get tired of the same snack so consider getting him a variety. This will not only excite him but motivate him to do even better. Healthy treats are an ideal choice in this case so buy wisely.

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8. Road Trip
Being locked up inside the house all day with nothing to do but sit around and wait for your master is boring for your dog. The best way to compensate for this boring and lonely time is to take your dog out for a drive during the weekends. Ensure that he is securely strapped into his seat, roll down the window and allow him to enjoy the cool breeze. Don’t mind him howling and barking at nature. It is a sign that he is happy.

These are the top 8 ways to make your dog happy. It is easy to make your dog happy and it all begins with you treating him like a family member. Consider his feelings and be willing to invest in his happiness. If you’ve got the time, arrange for doggy play dates and let him enjoy the company of his own kind. Bring his toys and remove his leash. He will be grateful for it and definitely improve your relationship.

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