What To Buy For A New Puppy? Here’s the Lowdown

what to buy for a new puppy?

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For a dog lover there are few things more exciting than getting a new puppy. Whether you’re adopting a puppy from an animal shelter or getting a puppy from a breeder, bringing home a new “bundle of joy” is a happy day. But before you bring home your new puppy you need to plan ahead. Here are some supplies you need for a new puppy to make his homecoming go smoothly.

You may already have your new pet dog or perhaps seriously looking at getting one. Many people who want to be responsible puppy owners may be unsure on what to get for a new puppy. Below I have set out what to buy for a new puppy including the most important things you need to look at to enhance your new puppy’s life.

1. Food

It’s probably on the top list on the things you will need to buy for your new pet. Your puppy pet will need to be fed just equally as the puppy breeder has been feeding it. Puppies are known to have a delicate digestive system which they can be upset if their initial diet is changed suddenly.

If your puppy has been doing well and growing with the food it’s been eating, you might want to stick with that. On the other hand if your puppy has been experiencing side effects with the puppy such as diarrhea or poor coat, then you may need to change that.

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2. Food and water bowls

Your puppy’s food or water will need to be served so there has to be puppy bowls for them to feed properly and not to litter you home floor while eating. According to www.thekennelclub.org.uk, you ought to separate the bowls for food from the water bowls.

For those who have taller dogs, they need to have their bowls raised to make feeding easy and tidy. It is important to add that most dogs have got a slight allergy to the plastic found in the bowls which may lead to pimples and bumps on their muzzle.

3. Collar and leash

No matter the age of your pet, dogs will need a collar and leash. We have different several kinds of collars from which a puppy owner can choose from. When selecting a collar remember to choose a comfortable collar that is good for the specific breed.

Also keep in mind that puppies grow rapidly so you need to keep checking almost on a daily basis if the puppy is comfortable on the collar. They also need not to be loose that they can slip over your puppy’s head.

4. Bedding

Your puppy will also need a place to sleep. Even if you allow your puppy to sleep on your own bed it’s also a good idea for your puppy to have his own spot. Your puppy needs a place to go where he can get away from everything. When the house gets hectic and he wants to retreat, your puppy needs a quiet place to nap. Consider getting a crate for your puppy. Also doing a crate training is a major plus for you and your puppy. According to www.cesarsway.com/dog-care/puppy for dogs, crates resemble a warm and cossy den especially if fitted with a blanket.

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5. Grooming equipment

Your puppy needs constant grooming even though he’s still young. Short coated will need this even more. They need to be groomed regularly, especially when moulting since their short hairs can get stuck into almost everything. Your puppy breeder will help you get the right grooming equipment for your particular puppy. Different puppies will need different equipment most of the time. You can as well have theses grooming equipment for a startup;

• A blow dryer.

• Comb

• Conditioning spray

• Bristle brush

• Cotton balls

• Shampoo and conditioner

• Scissors

• Nail clippers

• Towel

6. Chewies and toys

Every puppy needs toys and safe things to chew on. These are not simply luxury items for your puppy! If you don’t provide your puppy with toys and chewies he will absolutely begin to chew on your belongings. Give your puppy his own toys and chew things and he will be far less likely to chew on inappropriate things like your shoes, furniture and TV remotes.

Give him a good selection of toys and chews. There are many great toys for dogs these days from simple stuffies to interactive toys. Try to offer the puppy strong, long lasting, well-made toy appropriately sized for him.

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Poop bags

These are available from your pet shop or alternatively you can just use a small plastic shopping bag. To pick up poop, you simply put the bag over your hand like a glove, pick up the items and then turn it inside out like you would when taking off a glove. Tie it at the top, that way it will leave no smell and you can get rid of it at a convenient time and place.

Final thought

These are the ten most important things to get for a new puppy when they first arrive. Other than that they will demand a lot of attention and love and be prepared to receive a lot of enjoyment out of your new family member.

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