Why Listen to Your Dog Even If He Can’t Speak

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Our relationship with our dog can be something we remember for the rest of our lives. You might be able to recall your childhood dog’s facial expression and the adventures you had, even if he’s long gone. While dogs can’t speak, it is worth listening to them, as they can teach you loads of messages about yourself and others that you cannot learn any other way. Dogs will tell you the secrets of life that no people can. Find out more below.

It’s OK Not to Be Perfect

Sometimes your dog will sense your disappointment and help you take a step back from your problems. They will tell you that everything is going to be ok, by simply curling up next to you at the moment when you feel like nobody wants your company. Dogs will not expect you to be perfect, and teach you the lesson to accept your limitations and embrace them, just as much as your positive traits.

Enjoy Life As It Comes


Image via Marion Michele


Dogs will show you how to embrace the moment. Humans will be planning ahead all the time and consider every move, but dogs are more impulsive than that. They see a ball and make a cool game up. They fall in love with the latest toy, or look happy and content finding shade under the bush. You can learn how to find the opportunities in life and grab them so you can be healthier, happier, and worry less.

Little Things Matter the Most

For dogs, there are no big plans like buying their first house or saving up enough for a holiday. For them, a walk in the park can be just as valuable as a big holiday. They appreciate the little things that make up their lives. If you give them some treats or freeze dried dog food that will improve their mood and digestion, they will appreciate your effort. They will not constantly want more and better things like most humans do.  

Trust is Unconditional

You can learn to deal with your trust issues from your dog. For dogs, there are no doubts about their owners’ reliability. They will not worry about you walking through the door the same day or giving them food. They will know you are there for them, but will not get upset if you don’t go for a long walk. Your company is enough, and for them, you are the number one solid point in their lives.

Loving No Matter What

Image via Mike Burke


Dogs can also tell you a lot about unconditional love. You can learn to have fewer expectations and spot the signs of people using you. If they are expecting something in return for their love, they don’t love you enough. Your dog will stay with you whether you feed them or not. They will appreciate you for who you are, and not what you do.


Even though dogs can’t speak, they will teach you some important life lessons if you listen carefully.

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