Why Training Your Puppy Is The Best Thing You’ll Do For You Both

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Getting a puppy can be a huge change for you, whether you’re bringing them in to your solo pad or introducing them to your family. However, one of the most important things you’ll ever commit to doing is training your puppy right from the get-go. Below, we’ll discuss why training your puppy is the best thing you’ll ever do for you both and give you some tips, too. Read on to learn more!

Your Puppy Is Happiest When They Know Whose Boss

When you train your puppy properly, your puppy knows that you are the boss. All dogs need a pack leader in their lives, all they will assume the role of pack leader themselves. This can lead to confusion in the household, as well as owners ending up not being able to handle their dog (a dog is for life!).

Failure To Train Your Puppy Can Lead To Bad Behaviour And Even Separation Anxiety

When your puppy isn’t sure who the pack leader is, you’ll notice bad behaviour and even separation anxiety. If you’re sending them mixed signals by training them in some ways but not others, they are more likely to become anxious and depressed.

Your Home Will Thank You For Training Your Puppy

An anxious and depressed dog may bark and whine all night, chew up your shoes and furniture, mess on the floor, and do other things that just aren’t ideal. You’ll be so pleased you trained your puppy when you don’t have anything like this to worry about.

Your Puppy Will Behave Better Around Other Dogs

Making sure your puppy is well behaved around other dogs is a must. If your dog thinks they are pack leader and tries to assert themselves over another dog, they may be in for a nasty shock!

Training Your Puppy: Quick Tips

Let’s quickly talk about training your puppy. You can definitely figure out how to do this yourself with the plethora of information and resources online, but investing in  puppy classes can give you peace of mind and ensure you’re not sending your puppy any mixed signals.

It’s important that you simply assert your dominance in neutral ways. Asserting dominance and being the pack leader never means hitting your dog or screaming at them, even if they have messed in the house. People who rub their dog’s noses in their mess are actually doing more harm than good to their dog. You don’t want your dog to be physically afraid of you, as not only does this create an unhappy, anxious dog, it can mean messing in the house more often because they are so afraid.

You want to be companions with your dog, with them being aware all the while that they do what you tell them. They’ll be happy and healthy, and so will you. You shouldn’t resort to any backwards barbaric methods of training either, such as choke chains. When you do your research on things like this you’ll see that they can actually cause serious health problems and rarely address what you were initially trying to fix!


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