5 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Sleep In Your Bed At Night

why your dog should sleep in your bed

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Have you ever wondered or asked yourself “why your dog should sleep in your bed” at night? Some dog owners only keep their dogs in their doggie beds, or worse, in their kennel. Big mistake. If you ever noticed, dogs are more than happy to jump in the bed and snuggle up with you for a good night’s rest and of course, most dog owners feel the same. Turns out that there a fair amount of mutual benefits that come from letting your dogs sleep in your bed. So, let’s find out why your dog should sleep in your bed.

Dogs Make You Feel Safe

The first reason why your dog should sleep in your bed is because they make you feel safe. Dogs are very protective as it is. So protective that you can trust them to keep a lookout and watch over you while get some shuteye. According to https://www.littlethings.com/health-benefits-sleeping-with-dog/ they emphasize that it is an extremely, comforting feeling knowing that there is another presence watching over you when you’re the most vulnerable. As for your dogs, they get satisfaction and comfort knowing that you’re protecting. Such troopers they are.

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why your dog should sleep in your bed

Dogs Will Help With Depression

Are you worried or have anxiety about anything in your life right now? Dogs are one of the best therapies for when you’re feeling down or are currently battling depression, bar none. The unconditional love that you can get from a dog is very tough to find. There simply is no match. Sleeping with your dog in bed is a wonderful way to brighten your mood, because it works. They have the ability to make you feel connected and with their positive outlook, they will easily help you overcome any stress, anxiety or depression.

Your Dogs Need Love Too

The third reason why your dog should sleep in your bed is because they need love too. It may appear that only you will receive benefits, but they go both ways. Your dogs appreciate every, single second that you give them and they love to sleep with you. They see you as life partners. According to: https://lovin.ie/news/feature/7-reasons-why-your-dog-should-sleep-in-your-bed-at-night they see us as their favorite being on the planet. That being said, it really does mean a lot to them when we give them every second of our days and nights.

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why your dog should sleep in your bed

Dogs Are Very Warm

Ever notice that your dog is extremely warm? Why not throw him in the bed and cuddle with him at night to keep warm? Because the natural temperature of a dog is three to six times higher than ours, by default, that makes them our personal radiator that we can cuddle with at night. Maybe give your dog a little space on those hot summer nights. Unless you like to be pretty warm and toasty when you sleep.

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why your dog should sleep in your bed

Dogs Are Good For Your Brain Chemistry

The last reason why your dog should sleep in your bed is because they are good for your brain chemistry. According to: http://stories.barkpost.com/dogs-in-bed/ a chemical in our bodies named oxytocin, which we call the “cuddle chemical” increases our feelings of relaxation, trust and psychological stability. When we touch our pets, these levels within our bodies rise. Upon hearing that, we’d all chime in that it’s a great idea to be touching our pets at all times. Why not sleep with your dog at night and raise your oxytocin levels for 8 hours straight?

Sleeping with your dog in your bed at night is a great idea because there are mutual benefits involved. Safety, security, warmth, brain improvement and even life extension benefits are all increased when cuddled up. You may have a bit of fur in your comforters after a while, but when compared to the benefits, totally worth it.


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